Understanding Asset Management is Understanding Everything

    • The National Asset Leadership Strategy (NALS) is a management systems approach to achieving national objectives by improving the management of the nation’s assets.
    • It is is a decision support and organizing framework using proven structures and enduring objectives to vastly improve asset management in the U.S. and allow for the impact of political exigencies.
  • Asset Management in High Performance Organizations White Paper
    • What does it mean to be a high performance organization when it comes to asset management? And what is an asset, anyway?
  • ALN ISO 55000 Overview for Federal Agencies Dec 2017
    • Guided by ALN member Jack Kelly, who worked at the Office of Management and Budget for 36 years, this 5-page document helps federal executives understand the place of ISO 55000 in context of the U.S. Federal Government.
  • ISO 55000 Asset Management Overview PDF
    • Written by ALN member Jack Dempsey, USCG (ret.) this overview provides a 2-page understanding of ISO 55000.