2021 reStructuring America – Building on Success
Leadership | Equity | Value

October 11 – November 12

Aerospace Industry – Water Treatment – Transportation – Electric Utilities – Intellectual Capital – Training & Certification Opportunities – ISO 55000 Updates – ALN Español – Resiliency

Keynotes – Web Chats – Roundtables – Success Stories – Federal Initiatives – Private Company Activities

Event runs October 11th to November 12th, culminating in:

2021 Asset Leadership Week
November 8 – 12

Attendees will benefit from a series of impactful web programs that emphasize the need for top leadership to marshal resources to implement asset management initiatives that drive dramatic improvements for organizational mission success.

Properly led asset management initiatives increase equity in and around the organization and deliver measurable value. We know this because ALN Organizational Members and Supporters have a wealth of success stories that emphasize these foundational themes.

Attendees will observe leading organizations and their executives sharing the repeatable processes that everyone can use to drive dramatic improvements in measurable value from their assets. Building on the success of established leaders assists organizations in knowing how to take the next steps in their asset management evolution.

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