Past Initiatives

The Asset Leadership Network provides a forum where individuals and organizations build relationships, identify best practices and work together to shape regulatory and legislative policies that affect the efficient management of assets.  These asset management thought leaders and internationally recognized experts , many of whom participated in the writing of the ISO 55000 Asset Management standards, have begun collaborating on a number of initiatives to promote the universal guiding principles that impact the management and value realization of Assets.

Click on the following links to get more information on our recent initiatives:

Call to Action – Federal Facility & Real Property Asset Management

Draft Executive Order for the U.S. – Establishing a Common Asset Management System

ALN Retrospective Response to GSA Regarding the Management of Government Property under the FAR

ALN Response to GSA Regarding Potential Regulatory Reductions, Changes and Updates for Asset Management

ALN Response to Request for Comments: IT Asset Management Systems – MSS Justification Study

ALN Comments on OMB Circular A-119 Revisions