ALN 2022 Spring Summit: Microgrid Asset Leadership

Microgrids are local energy grids that may connect to, and disconnect from, traditional wide-area electric grids.

Microgrids are valued for power reliability at critical infrastructure, such as hospitals, water treatment plants, in disaster recovery areas, and after armed conflicts, like in Ukraine.

A structured approach to asset management combined with Microgrid innovation will help leaders understand how to gain dramatic benefits in support of mission sustainability.

ALN Microgrid Asset Leadership Roundtable


Dr. Dorothy Robyn, Senior Fellow at the Boston University Institute for Sustainable Energy; National Academy of Sciences Board on Infrastructure and the Constructed Environment, Board Member; Dr. Tony McGrail, IEEE Asset Management Committee Chair; Jon Arnup, CEO Trent Port Services, Singapore, an ALN Member Organization; Moshe Nelson, ALN Senior Fellow, Principal, Grant Thornton Public Sector, an ALN Member Organization;

ALN Microgrid BIMStorm Interactive Workshop – Focus on Ukraine

bureau veritas

Digital Twins representing microgrids can be created on your computer and “landed” in Ukraine to help model restoration of power. Combine that with the coordinated input of expert participants who have been pre-planning for the workshop BIMstorm, and meaningful microgrid asset management planning is established. Kimon Onuma, President, ONUMA, Inc., an ALN Patron Organization, leads William Heegaard, President of Footprint Project renewable microgrid provider to Ukraine.

Microgrid BIMStorm Interactive Workshop Presentation

A live presentation of results from the Interactive Workshop. Michael Hardy, Bureau Veritas, Asset Management Leader, Buildings & Infrastructure and ALN Senior Fellow, provides expert commentary. Art Kurland, ALN Senior Fellow and University Health Director, Capital and Asset Management also comments. Focus is on observations and recommendations for ways of achieving mission success.

Paul Shmotolokha – ALN Th@3

CEO, Director at New Use Energy.