Asset Management Systems Approach to Planning Hospitals

In response to the 2020 pandemic, the ALN co-hosted a series of webinars and web-workshops to explain an asset management systems approach to planning field hospitals. Co-hosted with the National Institute of Building Sciences, the activities replicated methods currently being used and refined by the U.S. Federal Government. The webinars included insights and instruction from ALN member organization Onuma, Inc. President, Kimon Onuma; ALN Senior Fellow Art Kurland, Director of Capital and...

Enduring Statements from ALN Senior Fellows

At one of the 5 events the ALN has held at the National Academy of Sciences with the NAS Federal Facilities Council, ALN Senior Fellows Jack Kelly and Jack Dempsey recorded short statements that are still informative.

Carpe Diem with ISO 55000 Training!

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Prepare for A55K Professional Certification Currently Accepting Enrollments for Web Course The 2-week web course requires 2 – 3 hours per day prior to a 1 - 2 hour web exam With social distancing still very much in the forefront of the news, many organizations are looking for productive ways to maximize efficiency and effectiveness with limited resources. Now is a good opportunity to pursue additional training and certifications that can increase your potential value now and once things ope...

USCG Calls Out ISO 55000 to Congress

The ISO 55000 management system for asset management was cited by U.S. Coast Guard Rear Admiral Nathan Moore in a 2019 Statement to a U.S. House of Representatives Transportation Subcommittee. Admiral Moore is the USCG Assistant Commandant for Engineering and Logistics. In his statement on Coast Guard Shore Infrastructure, Admiral Moore covered shore plant inventory, funding, continuous improvement and other issues. Admiral Moore stated: “The Coast Guard’s Civil Engineering Program execu...

The Impact of the 6th Asset Leadership Week

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The 6th Asset Leadership Week began again this year at the National Academies of Sciences and again concluded with education and advocacy on Capitol Hill. Organized by the Asset Leadership Network, this Week highlights the dramatic benefits gained by professionals who take a rational, systematic approach to management of assets in all categories, including infrastructure, water, energy, personal property, IT, facilities. . . everything. The Asset Leadership Network has one mission – makin...

ALN Inaugural Law Enforcement Symposium on Logistics and Asset Management

The first Law Enforcement Symposium on Logistics and Asset Management was facilitated by the Asset Leadership Network at the Partnership for Public Service in December 2019. Grant Thornton Public Sector was the ALN Organizational Member that coordinated the event, which included a keynote presentation by Richard K. Cline, Deputy Director of the Federal Protective Service. More than 50 people from seven federal agencies and 2 departments spent a half day at the Symposium, which also includ...

A55K Certification in Spanish

Asset Leadership Network
The Asset Leadership Network now offers A55K Professional Certification in Spanish. The translation of the approved course material available from the Andrew James Advisory Group has been validated by the Asset Leadership Network and the A55K Professional Certification exam has been translated. Those interested in learning more about the Spanish language version of A55K Professional Certification can contact

National Asset Leadership Strategy Advocacy

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After the warm reception to the National Asset Leadership Strategy (NALS) on Capitol Hill as part of the 6th Asset Leadership Week, advocacy is taking a structured approach. NALS sponsor, Grant Thornton, hosted an advocacy meeting where options for targeted presentations and general promotions were discussed. ALN Senior Fellow Jack Kelly has been meeting with Congressional staffers to promote the concepts in the NALS, which is available on the web site under the "Papers" tab. Jim Dieter A...

University Facilities Condition Assessment Webinar Nov 21

Sightlines, a Gordian Company, will provide a webinar on Unversity Facilities Condition Assessment. Join campus leaders from Rice University and the University of Maryland on Thursday, November 21 at 2 p.m. EST to learn how they have taken the FCA to the next level to effectively communicate investment priorities across campus and create actionable funding plans. Jack Baker, Ph.D, PE, Executive Director of Operations and Maintenance at the University of Maryland, Bart Salmon, MBA, Assi...