ALN Newsletter 30 August 2022

Speakers for “A Culture of Value – Sustainable Infrastructure” at the National Academy of Sciences on September 16, 2022, include Emily Feenstra, Chief Policy and External Affairs Officer, American Society of Civil Engineers, who will be presenting a paper on ways to maximize value from infrastructure spending; Dr. Aimee Flannery, former U.S. Department of Transportation, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Research and Technology, Program Analyst and NAS TRB Asset Management Committee member, Jacobs, Global Technology Leader – Transportation Risk & Resiliency who be joining a transportation asset management panel. We look forward to their candid remarks. See all the speakers and view the program at this link.

ALN TH@3 pm ET this Thursday 1 September at 3 pm Eastern will feature a talk with Jennifer Zach. See more below in People and register at this link.

The Andrew James Advisory Group is Offering A55K Professional Certification Course starting October 24


Jennifer Zach, ALN Board of Directors; MentorAMP, CMO

Jennifer Zach is Chief Marketing Officer at MentorAPM and Uberlytics, two companies with a shared mission to equip utilities with the best asset management tools and knowledge to achieve excellence in their stewardship of critical infrastructure.  As a Member of the ALN Board of Directors and member of the US TAG to ISO 55000, she helps guide leadership of the asset management industry with her consistent focus of principled decision making, inclusion and equitable positions and contributing actions. Ms. Zach introduced the ALN to the Smart Water Network Forum (SWAN) and is leading the relationship between the organizations to lead discussions about maximizing value from water assets by better understanding risks and improving decision making processes. We look forward to her comments on ALN Th@3 pm ET this week and her presentation at the National Academy of Sciences on the importance of asset owners benefiting from best practices from many associations on Sept. 16.


Attend the State OBO Meeting

The U.S. Department of State Overseas Building Operations is having its public Industry Advisory Group Annual Meeting on Thursday 15 September at 2201 C Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. Presentations about recently completed and designed Embassies and diplomatic facilities represent the best of U.S. values embodied in the infrastructure, architecture, engineering, sustainability, technology, construction, art, and culture. If you are in the District for the ALN event on September 16, you owe it to yourself to see part of the powerful connection between the mission of the United States and assets provided by OBO.


New Leadership for our Secure Energy Future

A recent McKinsey report found that reaching net zero by 2050 could entail a 60 percent increase in capital spending on physical assets, compared with current level. “Green business builders will likely need to plan and scale at the speed of digital companies to accelerate the transition to net zero.” What does this mean for federal agencies, local governments, and private organizations that want to reach net zero? What type of asset leadership will they need? See the full report at this link.

Upcoming Events

Richard Dietz – ALN Th@3
September 8th

Richard Dietz runs the Capital Asset Replacement Scheduling System at DC Government Office of the Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Dietz has presented to the ALN in the past and has presented at GFOA, AWWA, and is pending acceptance for a presentation the IAM Annual Event in Denver. He will be talking about the culture of asset management established at DC Government Office of the Chief Financial Officer.

A Culture of Value: Sustainable Infrastructure
September 16th

This in-person event will be conducted at the National Academy of Sciences featuring speakers from federal and local government, institutions, associations, and private industry.

Why? Sustainable success from our infrastructure investments demands asset leadership guiding a structured approach to asset management. Collaborative efforts identifying and uniting the best practices from many associations and sectors provides the most direct path to greatest value to the nation.

IAM North America Conference in Denver October 3 – 6, 2022
ASTM Committee Week in New Orleans October 16 – 21, 2022