ALN Cities & Places Asset Leadership Board

Supported by ALN Patron Member Jacobs

Upcoming Roundtable
Tuesday, May 23 at 3pm Eastern Time

Co-Chairs: Claude Tankersley, Public Works Administrator, City of St. Petersburg, Jennifer Mims, Director of Asset Management, Jacobs

The Asset Leadership Network and Jacobs have established the ALN Cities & Places Asset Leadership Board to guide thought leadership about asset management and advance sharing of best practices among local governments.

The Cities and Places where we live, work, and play are uniquely responsible for our quality of life. Improving the management of assets in Cities and Places can dramatically advance our quality of life and address pressing issues of today, such as equity, resilience, and sustainability.

Jacobs is taking a leading role in launching the ALN Cities & Places Asset Leadership Board, and welcomes government asset owners, consultants, and suppliers to join the effort to rapidly deploy ever-advancing best practices in this critical market. We will also be connecting with associations serving this set of owners who touch all our lives with their asset management policies, strategies, and implementations.

The initial focus of ALN Cities & Places Asset Leadership Board will be sharing best practices and case studies across like agencies. As the Board matures, we expect it to evolve to offer web programs, in-person activities, hybrid events, present at events by related associations, write papers, publish articles, and advance thought leadership on asset management in any way appropriate.

A first activity of this Asset Leadership Board is a web program featuring information from the District of Columbia Government’s CFO Office about their next-generation asset management system. An initial Board organizational meeting will follow in the March/April timeframe.

An early event will likely be a virtual with presentations from owners from multiple Cities and Places sharing their challenges and successes.

Success will be based on increased involvement over time and win-win-win outcomes for all participants.

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Participant Overview – ALN Cities & Places Asset Leadership Board

The ALN Cities & Places Asset Leadership Board gives professionals the opportunity to showcase their best practices to assist rapid deployment of asset management in this critical market.

The Asset Leadership Network will provide:

  • administration,
  • facilitation,
  • coordination, and,
  • implementation of activities.

Government officials can provide:

  • guidance on what are the most important objectives to achieve,
  • success stories that can be replicated,
  • participation in presentations,
  • review of, and/or contributions to, papers,
  • connections to other government officials, and,
  • involvement in other activities as they desire.

ALN Organizational Members can:

  • drive direction of the Board,
  • make introductions to government officials,
  • sponsor and host programs, and
  • demonstrate contributions to the asset management success of Cities and Places.

Participants can earn titles of Co-Chair, Manager, or Supporter if there is value to them, otherwise they can contribute as desired. Estimated leadership commitment of an average of 2-3 hours a month.

Success will be based on involvement and win-win-win outcomes for all participants.