icInfrastructure Training Services

State and Regional Training Programs

We’ll work with you to build a learning program that will educate infrastructure owners on asset management concepts across your jurisdiction. We’ll get you in a position where you can engage, train, and sustain a community of hundreds – even thousands – of asset management practitioners.

These programs include:

  • Tailored content that fits your organization and captures your way of doing things
  • Combination of self-directed eLearning and live discussions with peers and industry experts
  • Adult microlearning principles applied to all educational content

We helped the Michigan Infrastructure Council build their Asset Management Champion Program, which has trained over 300 people. 98% of participants feel they can now be a successful Asset Management Champion for their organization.

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Asset Management Awareness Training

Our Asset Management (AM) Awareness training courses give a comprehensive overview of AM, outline the challenges it involves, and highlight the benefits it can bring. They cover basic concepts and terminology, as well as tangible first steps to begin the implementation process. We’ve trained over 1500 professionals from hundreds of organizations across North America with these courses.

Choose from content geared towards community infrastructure owners (cities, towns, local and regional governments) or content designed specifically for council members/elected officials. We have a range of awareness courses, spanning from 1-hour to 2-days.

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Customized Organizational Training

Most AM training programs are ‘one-size-fits-all’, which doesn’t always work. A Financial Analyst preparing the budget needs to understand different elements of AM compared to a Facilities Manager handling O&M.

We’ve created a library of competency-based training courses that guide learners through the different levels of each AM competency. We can help you create a personalized training program based on an individual’s target proficiency and competency gaps. We can help map out what the various roles throughout your organization need when it comes to AM Competency, and set course learning objectives that target the effective behaviors required for each applicable competency. Move past awareness and start improving AM Capacity.

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Developing an Asset Management Policy

Writing an Asset Management Policy is a critical first step in an organization’s AM journey. We’ve designed this hands-on and collaborative course to help communities develop their own customized AM Policy. Learn about what makes a good AM Policy and discover how it can move your organization forward.

This course includes:

  • Bite-sized e-learning videos that you can access anywhere, anytime
  • Step-by-step instruction and guidance from industry experts
  • Detailed checklists and templates to keep you on track

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Competency and Workforce Planning

We can support your organization with comprehensive workforce competency development. We’ll help you identify AM competency requirements for various roles around your organization, then create a plan for your competency-building efforts, including training programs and mentoring actions. We can help incorporate this planning into your organization’s AM strategy and roadmap, and integrate with your people management programs, setting you up for a sustainable resourcing future.

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