The release of ISO 55000 – Asset Management Systems and documented successes from around the world make now the time for asset holding organizations to focus on the benefits and value of asset management. Those organizations who adopt leading practices for the betterment and sustainability of their strategic assets across the enterprise will have significant competitive advantage in the market, as well as improved financial returns on investment.

The Asset Leadership Network (ALN) is a non-profit organization that provides guidance and insight into asset management to help organizations realize greater value from their assets. The ALN focuses on promoting the universal guiding principles that impact the management and value realization of Assets, and develops and shares information that enhances the practice of Asset Management along with the knowledge and skills of individual Asset Managers.

The ALN was founded by and is led by internationally recognized experts in the widely diverse field of Asset Management, many of whom participated in the writing of the ISO 55000 Asset Management standards. The ALN continues this Leadership to further the advancement of asset management principles across North America. The ALN is a Network, where individuals and organizations have a forum to build relationships, identify best practices and work together to shape regulatory and legislative policies that affect the efficient management of assets.

Members of the ANSI US Technical Advisory Group (US/TAG) to ISO Project Committee 251 (PC/251), the official body that developed ISO 55000, recognized the benefits of collaboration, networking and exchange of information regarding the emerging field of Asset Management. However, the scope of the US/TAG is limited to standards development, and now that the Standard has been ratified and published, the US/TAG shall be disbanded. The members of the various disciplines within asset management that worked together throughout this multi-year collaboration, often representing industry organizations and market leaders, recognized the need to promote asset management excellence and continue to share insights and best practices across the greater marketplace.

The consensus solution: a new “umbrella” organization was needed to continue and expand the collaborative efforts of the US/TAG. Spanning numerous meetings, open discussions and focused efforts by an Organizing Committee and an Advisory Committee, this concept has been brought to fruition through the incorporation of The Asset Leadership Network with a filing for 501(C)(6) status as a not-for-profit entity and the appointment of an Executive Board and a Board of Advisors.

The ALN promotes the adoption of the ISO 55000 Standard as it outlines the basis for a total systems management approach to asset management that provides the visibility into the value assets provide to the organization. In the same way that ISO 9000 became a defining attribute of a well-managed organization, the ALN has been established on the belief that ISO 55000 will have a similar impact on organizations worldwide, including across North America.

Organizations in Canada and Mexico asked that the effort be broadened to allow their involvement and the ALN has now been established as the North American Asset Management “umbrella” association of organizations with membership interest in Asset Management.