Draft Executive Order

Establishing a Common Asset Management System

The Asset Leadership Network has developed a Draft Executive Order for submission and consideration by the President to adopt the principles inherent to ISO 55000 and establish the policy that Federal agencies use a common system for asset management to manage and utilize assets in an efficient, effective and economical manner to achieve their organizational missions and the collective objectives of the Executive Branch in an accountable manner across their lifecycle.

Sound asset management systems have universally demonstrated improvements in efficiency, effectiveness, transparency and public trust. Asset management is governed by four fundamental principles:

(a) Value: assets provide value to the agency and the American public;

(b) Alignment: asset management uses agency missions and strategic objectives to guide resource decision making to optimize asset performance;

(c) Leadership: leadership and organizational values, goals and objectives are determinants of value realization;

(d) Assurance: asset management provides assurance that assets will fulfill their required purpose.

The purpose of the Executive Order is to require that each agency of the United States government shall:

(a) establish an agency asset management system using fundamentals enumerated in ISO 55000 and ISO 55001 standards on asset management;

(b) utilize a common system for asset management to integrate resource decision making and management disciplines to optimize asset performance.

(c) demonstrate proactive asset management strategies that consider context, risk and the total cost of ownership in resource decision making

The ALN has begun distributing the draft Executive Order to interested parties within the Administration to gain concurrence and support for this initiative.

For a copy of the draft Executive Order, click the following link:

Draft EO – Establishing a Common Asset Management System