Membership is open to all organizations with an interest in asset management and wish to participate in and contribute to the practice of value creation from assets.

The Asset Leadership Network brings the diverse interests in asset management together to the benefit of all through the following 5 networks:

  1. Professional and Trade Association Network
  2. Advisors and Suppliers Network
  3. Asset Holder Network
  4. Policies, Standards and Regulatory Network
  5. Patrons Network

There are a variety of ways to get involved or support the ALN:

  • Companies and organizations may join the ALN as patrons and participate in efforts advancing asset management objectives
  • Individuals may join the ALN through their association’s membership in the ALN and share in advancing asset management practices
  • Organizations and individuals may make financial donations to the ALN
  • All are invited to be the ALN supporters seeking to advance the practice of asset management