ALN BIMStorm @Wednesdays4pm 

Improving Intended Outcomes

BIMstorm Example:


1-ALN BIMStorm Higher Education Launch Webinar

March 1, 2023: 4pm – 5pm EDT

  • Introduction to ALN BIMStorm
  • What is Asset Management?
  • How you can participate. Observer or hands-on
  • Demonstration of user stories and scenarios for the life-cycle
  • How to get access to the toolkits used for the workshop
  • Emergency Planning
  • Next steps for Session 2

2-ALN BIMStorm Higher Education Workshop 

March 22, 2023: 4pm – 5pm ( +30 extra minutes) EDT

  • Introduction to Live ALN BIMStorm Workshop
  • Start with requirements
  • Generate a campus clinic
  • Plan for the lifecycle
  • Operations and Maintenance
  • Connected Ecosystems using APIs
  • Reporting

3-ALN BIMStorm Higher Education Presentation of Results

April 12, 2023: 4pm – 5pm EDT

  • Presentation of the ALN BIMStorm Results
  • What did we learn?
  • How you can use these methods
  • Asset Management and Measuring success

How to Participate

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  • Watch this page for new announcements.
  • Let us know if you have a solution or workflow that will support this BIMStorm.
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UN Türkiye-Syria Earthquake Response

UN Türkiye-Syria Earthquake Response


BIMstorm is…

A structured approach to asset management in a virtual workshop with Digital Twins of
many asset types in a demonstration of proven tools and processes.

Improve management and reporting for assets including: Land, Facilities, Equipment, Personal
Property, Fleets, Infrastructure, Water, Wastewater, Electricity

Learn about secure open standards for governance

Explore Creation of a Higher Education Healthcare Clinic at a Virtual University
Focus on and information management for:
Policy & Strategy
Planning & Design
Construction & Commissioning
Operations & Maintenance

Below: BIMStorm with ALN – Armed Forces Retirement Home

ALN BIMStorm : Higher Education 
A Narrative

Leaders signing policies and checks can benefit from instituting a structured approach to asset
management for their organization . . . but they may not even know about the recent advances in tools
and processes for managing ALL the assets in an organization.

When you better manage ALL of the assets in an organization, dramatic improvements in mission
success are enjoyed.

But how to leaders signing policies and check know that transformational use of Open Standards, GIS,
Digital Twins, Cybersecurity, AI, and custom dashboards to assist real-time decision making will work for
their organization? BIMStorm with ALN – Higher Education.

BIMStorms are online brainstorms using Building Information Models to help people say, “I SEE what
you are talking about.” BIMStorms started in the 2000s before the term Digital Twins was created. But
the idea is exactly the same. Create a virtual world where you can model many different approaches to
solving an organizational problem.

Use a process of generating and maintaining trusted information in a way that allows easy visualization
of potential outcomes so you can pick the desired outcome you want to replicate in the real world.
Involve non-experts in complex decision making processes and achieve better organizational outcomes.

An easy way of learning how this will likely improve your contracting and accounting practices is by
applying a structured approach to asset management to a building….and all the assets that go in it, on it,
under it or next to it. Also do this with the vehicles that are associated with that building, the water that
comes in to the building, the wastewater that comes out, the energy used, materials for manufacturing
or serving people in the building.

BIMStorm with ALN – Higher Education will focus on a higher education healthcare clinic. That way
leaders signing policies and checks in higher education and healthcare can gain an understanding of why
their teams could benefit from a BIMStorm with ALN focused on their organization.

We are planning a BIMStorm with ALN – Ports for later this year and others will be available by request