CFOs Reframing Asset Leadership

General Services Administration Public Building Services


Financial Outcomes: The Role of the CFO in Reframing Asset Leadership

a series of events at the

National Academy of Sciences supported by the Federal Facilities Council and the Asset Leadership Network

The General Services Administration Public Building Services has been improving measurable outcomes for federal agencies and U.S. taxpayers. It is continuing improvements by presenting comprehensive asset management business processes that can benefit the agencies it serves.

By sharing the financial benefits of proven GSA PBS business practices and advanced asset leadership techniques, the series of events will help Agency CFOs realize dramatic financial benefits from a reframed view of asset management. 

The first event is for Federal Agency CFOs and their executive team. At the first event, CFOs will help shape the direction of other events that engage those who put advanced asset management into practice. Documentation of repeatable business processes will be provided in short overview presentations at the first event. Ongoing events will allow senior staff and management to learn about implementation details.

The National Academy of Sciences Federal Facility Council and the Asset Leadership Network are helping facilitate the series of events for the General Services Administration Public Building Services.

This diagram that simply describes how
leadership can align a comprehensive asset management system starting with
funding prioritization was presented at the DC Asset Management Lab at the
University of the District of Columbia by Jim Dieter, CEO of the Asset
Leadership Network.