Dr. Dorothy Robyn – Highlight Transcripts

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Total Cost of Ownership Asset Management

Dr Dorothy Robyn: When the Navy builds a new building because the naval facilities command NAFDAC both builds the building and maintains and operates it. That is not true for the army because the Army Corps builds the building, but they don’t maintain it. It’s a different part of the army that operates and maintains the building. So you need that that that lifecycle perspective. Most public entities don’t have that. Oregon is, is or Portland, as you describe, is mandating it. I think it takes more than just a mandate. It takes a real fundamental change in the procurement system, but it’s absolutely the right way to go.

Mike Bordenaro: And I think we can say that first cost. Mindset is part of what has gotten us into the problem that we are in.

Efficient Lifecycle Management

Dr Dorothy Robyn: But we took an asset, the housing that existed in the land. We leased it 50 years, private developers, and they upgraded and built new housing. There’s a lot of opportunity for public private partnerships to upgrade federally owned buildings to accommodate federal employees that are now on lease space to get them out of the leased space. But those public private partnerships are not permissible under the OMB scoring rules. That, we need to fix that.