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International Lifecycle Facility Management

Lisa Cooley: What Gordian has traditionally done, we’ve got the … means cost data. We’ve got the job order contracting for small project execution, but now we we have another another arm that’s really facility planning. So Gordian itself has leaned in to the builder universe. We actually there was a there was a DOD wide enterprise buy of of a builder specific cost dataset to support Builder SNS And now we’re working with a kind of a facility condition assessment and facility planning tool called VFA. And then there’s one in the UK called KyKloud, K-Y-K-L-O-U-D, to sort of expand our expand our universe in that full building lifecycle. We are also starting to do some stuff internationally. On the job order contracting side we have an interesting engagement with, it’s the US Air Force that it’s that it’s at Royal Air Force bases in the UK, helping to support some some job order contracting programs with UK based cost data. So we’re expanding in different ways.