Webinars 2017

Federal Asset Management Implementation – A Webinar Series

The Asset Leadership Network and supporters provided a webinar series featuring the output of Work Groups started in 2016 to focus on Federal asset management issues.  The Work Groups reconvened in 2017 and shifted their focus to implementation success and repeatable processes.

Asset Management Work Groups continue to focus on 6 key asset management elements identified by the Institute of Asset Management. The elements are:

  1. Strategic Planning
  2. Organization and People
  3. Decision Making
  4. Life Cycle Management
  5. Knowledge Management
  6. Risk and Review

Webinars provide i) key elements of successful implementation practices, ii) case study examples that real world experience, good and bad, and iii) challenges to overcome for successful implementation.

Each Work group will also indicate its path forward with presentations at the 4th Annual Federal Asset Management Week, November 13 – 17, 2017, also co-hosted  with NAS FFC.

The Webinar Series also includes special focus topics including Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Asset Management for complex Ownership Conditions.

You may access recordings of the webinars as follows:

April 6        Cybersecurity and Asset Management – Michael Aimone

April  13    Strategic Planning Work Group Webinar 1

April  20    ASTM Standard on Public Infrastructure Management

April  27    Organization and People Work Group Webinar 2

May  4       Decision Making Work Group Webinar 3

May  11      Life Cycle Management Work Group Webinar 4

May  18     buildingSMART alliance Thought Leadership – Implementation Insights

May  25     Knowledge Management Work Group Webinar 5

June 1        Risk and Review Work Group Webinar 6


A Report based on the Work Group findings will be made available by the Asset Leadership Network.