Web Courses

The Andrew James Advisory Group has developed a 2-week web course leading to A55K Professional Certification from the Asset Leadership Network.

Requiring only a few hours each day for 2 weeks, the course familiarizes participants with ISO 55000 management system for asset management, discusses its successes at organizations that have started using the system and suggests applications that could be beneficial for each class member.

The course prepares participants for taking the Asset Leadership Network’s A55K Professional Certification that validates a person’s ability to meaningfully participate in an organizations’ Strategic Asset Management Planning process.

A Strategic Asset Management Plan is the best first step in dramatically improving value from an organization’s assets. Many organizations that are using Strategic Asset Management Plans as guided by the ISO 55000 management system for asset management are finding more than 10% improvement whatever they are measuring, such as productivity, profitability, or customer satisfaction.

Organizations can arrange for their teams to be remotely trained together.
Contact the Andrew James Advisory for more information.
Richard Uytdewiligen, President richardu@andrewjamesadvisory.com