Ai Storms



Asset Management Governance

Co-Facilitated by the Asset Leadership Network and ALN Platinum Member ONUMA, Inc.

Online Brainstorms

Free and Publicly-available
Interactive Workshops

Industry leaders learn what is possible.

Know how to specify and implement tools and processes.

Improve mission outcomes.

AIstorms showcase proven technology tools and related business processes with industry specific workshops and demonstrations. Participate in a virtual project that is represented in a very real way. Leaders can understand what policies, strategies, standards, and best practices to replicate in their industry.

AIstorms Schedule
PORTSstorm – August 17, 2023 – 3 pm Eastern
TREESstorm – October 19, 2023 – 3 pm Eastern
FEDERALstorm – January 18, 2024 – 3 pm Eastern
Xstorm – March 21, 2024 – 3 pm – Lead your industry into its future success:


Asset Leadership Network Organizational Members can participate in presentation planning to better understand ever-evolving tools and processes. Participating ALN Organizational members can highlight their capabilities in the public presentation.

Organizations can hire a private ALN Executive Briefing related to AI and Digital Twins with Asset Management Governance. Selected ALN Organizational Member executives, ALN Senior Fellows, and invited owner organization executives will participate in the ALN Executive Briefing, planning and follow up. Contact ALN Executive Director Michael Bordenaro at

ALN Platinum Member ONUMA, Inc. is founder of the award-winning BIMStorm, an online brainstorm using Building Information Models, which are a precursor, and complement, to Digital Twins. Collaboration, inclusion, open standards, and sharing best practices to achieve dramatic industry improvements are cornerstones of BIMStorms and continue to be with AIstorms.

ONUMA, Inc. and the Asset Leadership Network have worked together for many years on AIstorm precursor activities. The most recent collaboration was based on the American Institute of Architects Japan Chapter web presentation on May 27 starting at 10 am in Tokyo. The full video of AiAIA Japan is at this link. ALN highlight reel is at this link.

PORTSstorm – Building off the Tokyo Fish Market AiAIA Japan event, in May 2023, PORTstorm will build a virtual port in Tokyo Harbor.

TREESstorm – Managing Trees as Assets will demonstrate measurement of benefits from trees. We are exploring demonstration of how to link improvements in tree outcomes to a virtual “Trees” cryptocurrency.

FEDERALstorm – Highlights of U.S. Agency explorations of AI and Digital Twins governed by Asset Management.

Xstorm – Work with the Asset Leadership Network to establish an online brainstorm using AI and Digital Twins with Asset Management Governance for your industry. Contact ALN Executive Director, Michael Bordenaro,