ALN Line-of-Sight Newsletter Special Edition

Below is another Special Edition of ALN Line-of-site that reports on the powerful ways events from last week will positively impact 2024 and the next 10 years of the ALN.

But first, we are happy to point to another episode in the Value and Benefits from Asset Management web series co-hosted with Australia’s Asset Management Council. See details about the Water-focused asset management web program on Wednesday 31 January at 4 pm Eastern below in Upcoming Events and at this link.

We welcome new ALN Organizational Member Kahua. More than a dozen federal agencies use Kahua construction project management software – Build Smarter. See more about Kahua at

Last weeks events in Washington, D.C. lay the foundation for an Impactful 2024.

Another co-hosted event with the National Academies’ Federal Facility Council was the impetus for a week of highly successful activities in Washington, D.C. January 8 – 12, 2024. Many thanks to Cameron Oskvig, Director of both the National Academies’ Federal Facilities Council and its parent, Board on Infrastructure and the Constructed Environment (BICE). For initiating the program and providing facilitation, we are very grateful to Amelia Shachoy, Assistant Director, U.S. Government Accountability Office (retired) and ALN Program Facilitator.

Amelia saw that recent GAO reports on federal agency deferred maintenance and other asset management-related issues worked well with the Federal Facility Council’s “Strategies to Renew Federal Facilities.” There was a keynote by the United Nations’ Daniel Platz, Senior Economic Affairs Officer, Department of Social and Economic Affairs, and repeatable success stories from five federal agencies. There was a content-rich day that will have positive reverberations throughout the year. Many thanks to everyone who participated.

A full list of presentations is at this link. Video recordings of each speaker and the presentations themselves will be available soon. The presentations included repeatable successes and experience-based recommendations. We will reference the thought-provoking presentations throughout the year.

But there was more than a day of presentations at the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine on January 10th. Highlights of the week include:

– meeting with U.S. Senator Cynthia Lummis (WY) resulted in a request for information about commissioning a report on the impact of legislation requiring an asset management plan to secure federal funding;

– discussions continue with the staff of other legislators on continuing to positively impact federal asset management, including a railway bridge repair bill;

– the ALN engaged in the National Academies’ Transportation Research Board annual event;

– ALN Senior Fellow Mark Knight, Senior Consultant, 1898 & Co., presented on Ports at the TRB event;

– the ALN participated in the TRB Education Subcommittee meeting and will continue discussions about co-facilitated activities;

– Denver City and County Transportation and Infrastructure Department agreed to an event about its new Asset Management Policy and its Strategic Asset Management Plan, both of which were impacted by the ALN;

– the United Nations began discussions with several U.S. Federal Agency asset management executives after ALN introductions; and,

– the United Nations is discussing future programs with the Asset Leadership Network and affiliated organizations.

Upcoming Events

Jan. 18 – ALN Th@3 pm ET – An open discussion about the implications of the January 10th event at the National Academies. Attendees can become panelists on request.

Jan. 25 – AI NIBS – ALN Th@3 – A continuation of discussion regarding the National Institute of Building Sciences Artificial Intelligence web program – See information about the ALN viewing party below.
Jan. 25 – ALN Viewing Party of the NIBS AI web program – 2 – 3 pm ET
The National Institute of Building Sciences is a non-profit established by Congress with active committees in Artificial Intelligence and Digital Twins in addition to scores of other initiatives. Their upcoming web program on January 25 from 2 -3 pm Eastern is titled, “The Intersection of AI and Building Sciences: A New Era of Intelligent Infrastructure.” More at this link.

You can also sign up for the ALN Viewing Party and After-Action Discussion. Watch the event with colleagues either through a shared screen or on a second device and participate in the after-program discussion on ALN Th@3 pm ET. See more at this link. 

The ALN introduced NIBS to a United Nations executive focused on asset management to explore mutually beneficial initiatives. NIBS already engages with the United Nations and is expanding its connections there.

Jan. 31 – 4 pm Eastern – Values and Benefits from Asset Management – web series co-hosted with Australia’s Asset Management Council. “Asset Management and Sustainability Goals in the Water Industry” will feature owners from South Australia Water and the aboriginal community of Pormpuraaw, Cape York, Australia. Also speaking will be representatives from ALN Organizational Member MentorAPM and its local consultants.

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