ALN Newsletter 16 March 2021

The ALN will facilitate a web panel discussion March 16th at 4 pm on the U.S. GAO 2021 High Risk Report that will be discussed in the upcoming webinar series. See more below in Upcoming Events. Register at this link.

This week’s ALN Th@4 pm ET March 18th, will feature Dr. Doug Goetz, President and CEO, GP Consulting in a chat with Jim Dieter, ALN CEO. Register at this link and, as usual, see more below in the People section.

Last week the ALN Newsletter mistakenly stated that U.S. infrastructure received an overall grade of “C+” from the American Society of Civil Engineers. The actual grade was a “C-“.  Learn more about the ASCE 2021 Report Card for America’s Infrastructure at the ALN-facilitated webinar on Tuesday 23 March at 4 pm Eastern. Register at this link.


Dr. Doug Goetz is a living legend in the government contractor community and the NPMA. While he is scaling back from his hurricane force impact on improving federal asset management, he is not stopping altogether – and in fact may have even greater influence now that he is R.E.D. – Retired, Extremely Dangerous. Learn what Dr. Goetz really thinks is keeping the U.S. from achieving it full potential from its assets. Register for his conversation with Jim Dieter on Thursday 18 March at 4 pm Eastern at this link.


MAP 21 Section 5326 Asset Management

At the time the nation is considering significant Infrastructure legislation, it is good to look back on meaningful past legislation that can guide us to successful asset management outcomes for challenging projects. “MAP 21 Section 5326 Asset Management” was written in alignment with consensus international asset management and includes definitions, funding for asset management education, requirements for Asset Management Plans, requirements for measurements and more. The ALN has extracted MAP 21 Section 5326 and posted it on our website at this link.

2021 GAO High Risk Report Highlights

For those who did not have time to review the U.S. Government Accountability Office 2021 High Risk Report when it first came out, it is a good idea to bone up on it prior to the webinar the ALN is facilitating with the GAO today, Tuesday 16 March at 4 pm Eastern. See the report highlights at this link and register for the webinar at this link. See more below in Upcoming Events.


Keep up on the Senate Transportation and Infrastructure Committee

Last Friday Ranking Member Sam Graves released a proposal to use the newly announced USPS electric vehicle fleet for testing a VMT User Fee Pilot on a national scale. You can read his full statement here.
Last week the Subcommittee on Rail, Pipelines, and Hazardous Materials held a hearing titled “Full Steam Ahead for Rail: Why Rail is More Relevant Than Ever for Economic and Environmental Progress.” See Subcommittee Ranking Member Rick Crawford’s statement here.
On Wednesday, March 17, 2021 the T&I Committee will hold a Full Committee hearing titled “The Business Case for Climate Solutions”.  Follow along on our website or YouTube streams.
On Thursday, March 18, 2021 the Subcommittee on Economic Development, Public Buildings, and Emergency Management will hold a hearing on “Building Smarter: The Benefits of Investing in Resilience and Mitigation.”

Upcoming Events

2021 National Issues – Tuesday Webinar Series

U.S. GAO 2021 High Risk Report Card
Tuesday 16 March 4 pm Eastern

The U.S. GAO’s Keith Cunningham, Amelia Shachoy and Colleen Taylor will provide a panel presentation on the annual High Risk Report Card to explain the content and offer insights on how it was generated. The 45-minute panel will be followed by an interactive Q&A web session facilitated by ALN’s Director, Communication, Mike Bordenaro. Register for the event at this link.

  • Keith Cunningham, U.S. GAO Assistant Director, Infrastructure
  • Amelia Shachoy, U.S. GAO Assistant Director, Infrastructure
  • Colleen Taylor, U.S. GAO Senior Analyst

2021 National Issues Continued

Tuesdays at 4 pm EasternRegister Here

March 23 –

American Society of Civil Engineers 2021 Report Card for America’s Infrastructure

March 30 –

ALN Senior Fellows 2021 Paths to Success

April 6 –

Advancing Equity with Asset Leadership in 2021

April 13 –

ALN 2021 National Asset Leadership Strategy


Thursdays at 4 pm EasternRegister Here

March 18 –

Dr. Doug Goetz, President and CEO at GP Consultants LLC

March 25 –

Mildred Chua Ulger, recently retired Director and Program Executive, Enterprise Information and Asset Management, New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority