ALN Newsletter 17 May 2022

We hope you are enjoying spring flowers blooming. We are sprouting a bouquet of insightful programs for you.

Training for ALN A55K Professional Certification provided by the Andrew James Advisory Group still has seats available for the 2-week web course starting June 6th.

May 18, 4 pm ET – Four Questions that Transformed Municipal Asset Management

May 19, ALN Th@3 pm ET Moshe Nelson, Principal, Grant Thornton Public Sector, principal author of “Assisting Ukraine by planning for post-war reconstruction”

May 23, 4 pm ET – Value and Benefits from Asset Management – Electric Utilities

May 24 – 26 ALN 2022 Spring Summit: Microgrid Asset Leadership

A virtual CAMPUS for Asset Management (AM) practitioners to provide visibility into the adoption of AM in US organizations.


Jon Arnup is CEO and Founder of Singapore-based Trent Port Services, a new ALN organizational member. Trent Port Services provides asset management products and services to ports around the world. Because ports are microgrids in, and of, themselves, next week Mr. Arnup will be explaining the structured asset management policies and strategies that assist ports on many levels, including their interaction with the surrounding community electrical grids in the Summit Roundtable next Tuesday. He will also be using his more than 30 years of global port asset management experience to participate in the BIMStorm workshop activities next Wednesday that will show how asset management positively impacts microgrid asset management – especially in Ukraine. Register to hear Mr. Arnup in the Summit at this link.


Understanding the ALN BIMStorm Microgrid Ukraine

Using digital twin planning to assist asset management is an activity ONUMA, Inc. has been perfecting for decades. Through Patron Membership in the ALN, ONUMA, Inc. is helping organizations understand how they can use web-based digital twin planning processes to assist their structured approach to asset management. An ALN document has been created to explain increasingly complex scenarios that will be explored in the Microgrid Summit next week. Read this 2-page document to learn how to use the upcoming scenario planning workshop to understand the benefits of digital twin scenario planning to assist your structured approach to asset management. And start “playing” in the sandbox with us right now by following the links below.


Participate in the BIMStorm Microgrid

ALN Patron Member ONUMA, Inc. invites you to begin playing in the BIMStorm Microgrid by filling out a Google form about a virtual asset that you would like to include in the web-based demonstration of how digital twin asset management planning can help support Ukraine reconstruction to occur as soon as possible once the conflict is over. Go to the Google Form at this link. See an image of how your asset entry can be “landed” at the Odessa Port at this link. Register for the ALN 2022 Spring Summit: Microgrid Asset Leadership at this link.

Upcoming Events

*All Event Times – US Eastern Time Zone*

May 18, 4 pm – Four Questions that Transformed Municipal Asset Management – Melissa Osborne is currently Director, Development Services, Amherstburg, Ontario, Canada, but was recently Senior Manager, Asset Management for Windsor, Ontario, Canada. 

May 19, ALN Th@3Moshe Nelson, Principal, Grant Thornton Public Sector, principal author of “Assisting Ukraine by planning for post-war reconstruction: Heading-off bad actors through effective infrastructure planning for Ukraine” (The paper can be found here, in our Library)

May 23, 4 pm – Value and Benefits from Asset Management – Electric Utilities – Bonneville Power Administration and Energy Australia will present case studies of their asset management successes, challenges, and lessons learned.

May 24 – 26 ALN 2022 Spring Summit: Microgrid Asset Leadership
(details below)

June 2, ALN Th@3David Totman, ASCE

June 9, ALN Th@3Chris Chen, Exec. Director, Asset Management Ontario

ALN Spring 2022 Web Summit: Microgrid Asset Leadership
May 24 – 26

Microgrids are local energy grids that may connect to, and disconnect from, traditional wide-area electric grids, and are valued for power reliability at critical infrastructure, such as hospitals, water treatment plants, in disaster recovery areas, and after armed conflicts, like in Ukraine. 

A structured approach to asset management combined with Microgrid innovation will help leaders understand how to gain dramatic benefits in support of mission sustainability.

May 24, 3 – 4 pm ALN Microgrid Asset Leadership Roundtable

  • Dr. Dorothy Robyn will make opening comments before a discussion with: 
  • Dr. Tony McGrail, IEEE Asset Management Committee Chair; 
  • Jon Arnup, CEO Trent Port Services, Singapore, an ALN Member Organization; 
  • Moshe Nelson, ALN Senior Fellow; Principal, Grant Thornton, an ALN Member Organization.
  • Other speakers will be listed when confirmed.

May 25, 1 – 3 pm Microgrid BIMStorm Interactive Workshop

Digital Twins representing microgrids can be created on your computer and “landed” in the Ukraine to help model restoration of power. Combine that with the coordinated input of expert participants who have been pre-planning for the workshop and meaningful microgrid asset management planning can be established. Kimon Onuma, President, ONUMA, Inc., an ALN Patron Organization, will lead William Heegaard, President of Footprint Project renewable microgrid provider to Ukraine. 

May 25, 3 – 4 pm ALN Microgrid BIMStorm Interactive Workshop Presentation

A live presentation of results from the Interactive Workshop. Michael Hardy, Bureau Veritas, Asset Management Leader, Buildings & Infrastructure and ALN Senior Fellow, will provide expert commentary along with others to be confirmed. Focus will be on observations and recommendations for ways of achieving mission success.

May 26, 3 – 4 pm Eastern ALN Th@3

Microgrids Panel: a web discussion on the week’s events.