ALN Newsletter 19 July 2022

New ALN Organizational Member Mott McDonald will be presenting on the New York Academy of Sciences’ “Infrastructure Architecture Framework” that the organization sponsored. (See more below in Sources.) The in-person presentation will be on Friday 16 September at the National Academy of Sciences’ historic building, 2100 Constitution Avenue, NW. “A Culture Asset Leadership – Power from Associations” will also include success stories from the DoD, Australian government, the water industry, and more. If you want to sponsor activities or volunteer to assist, please email your contact information to

A virtual CAMPUS for Asset Management (AM) practitioners to provide visibility into the adoption of AM in US organizations.


Nathaniel Sanders is Deputy District Attorney at Salt Lake County District Attorney’s Office and an ALN supporter. He is currently taking a month of personal time off to volunteer in Ukraine bringing medical assets and other assets to areas in need one carload at a time. Asset Leadership Network supporters can donate funds or assets to assist this direct action of a trusted individual. You can read posts directly on his Facebook page. Information about making donations is available on Facebook or contact Mike Bordenaro at

Ukrainian Microgrid Update:

The efforts of Footprint Project and New Use Energy to get solar microgrid assets to Ukraine that we highlighted in our ALN Spring Summit are coming to completion. Here is a short update from ALN Th@3 pm ET guest, Paul Schmotolokha, “We are working this week and next in Ukraine to set up our 25 solar microgrids and have pretty much distributed all that we have sent over. We also do get periodic donations of large quantities of medicine that are helpful.”


Infrastructure Architecture Framework

Mott MacDonald worked with the United Engineering Foundation and, notably, the New York Academy of Sciences, to co-publish the Infrastructure Architecture Framework as a guide for owners of civil infrastructure systems to assist with design and management of complex assets in a way that improves sustainability and resiliency. The combined effort is an excellent example of what we are highlighting with “A Culture Asset Leadership – Power from Associations”. The aim of the 68-page document is “to bring to civil infrastructure leaders the type of enterprise architecture and systems engineering approaches that have proven effective in managing complex e-commerce, aviation, and defense systems.” In addition to providing a structured approach to asset management, there are case studies from the Water, Electric, and Transit industries.


A United Nations Approach

The ALN thinks it was a great idea for the United Nations to have a program titled “Infrastructure Asset Management’s role in a Sustainable, Inclusive, and Resilient Recovery from COVID-19.” And it was even better that our colleague Chris Roberts, President, IAM, participated in the program. Bringing the concepts of a structured approach to asset management to all the Nations of the World is a very good idea. See more details at this IAM LinkedIn post.

Upcoming Events

Living Asset Management Think Tank presents:
Enhancing and Sustaining Value Delivered by AM
Wednesday 20 July – 6 pm Washington, D.C. time

The Australian Asset Management Council and the ALN are co-promoting this event. In 2020, the Living Asset Management Think Tank published “Living Asset Management Maturity”. It included many of the steps that Glenn Schumacher “Shoey” has taken in implementing asset management in his career. The steps are pivotal to the asset management maturity journey, and the basis for delivering sustained outcomes from AM. Hear about some of the key factors and join the discussion with the international Living Asset Management Think Tank, including our colleagues, Peter Kohler and Sally Nugent, who were among the founders of the Asset Management Council, John HarwickMartin Kerr, and Michael Killen. Learn more about the speakers at:

Glenn Schumacher (Shoey), currently Head of Engineering, Energy Australia, has worked in power generation for many years. He oversaw the renewed operation and maintenance performance for Queensland’s largest thermal power station, operated by NRG. NRG won the Australian Engineering Excellence Award in 2012 for the plant’s improved performance. In 2010, Mr. Schumacher was awarded Engineers Australia Queensland Professional.