ALN Newsletter 19 October 2021

The first week of the 2021 ALN reStructuring America – Building on Success web conference was a great success. There was discussion on the ability of an infrastructure bill to advance equity in the U.S.; the need for revamped Organizational Mission Statements; how federal personal property asset management can be improved; and how federal agency asset management plans are included in pending legislation. See videos of the full program and highlights at this link.

The second week of programs, which start today, promises an equal amount of excellent insights and actionable information about training and certification; leadership; transportation/transit; and ISO 55001 certification in South and Central America on Thursday. Thursday will feature a program in Spanish followed by a program in English, because the U.S. needs to hear about the importance of ISO 55001 certification. Register at this link. See more in People, Sources and Ideas below.

Data-Driven Solutions
for Risk and Reliability


Dominic Townsend, President, ABS Quality Evaluations, (an ALN Patron Member), oversees global of organizational certification to international standards, including ISO 55001. Mr. Townsend sees a larger use of certification in South and Central America than in the U.S., so he helped establish a unique program for us on Thursday 21 October. First, at 2 pm Eastern, ALN Español will hold a web program in Spanish. The program will feature asset owners who have been certified to ISO 55001. At 3 pm Eastern, an English-language program will feature AES, a U.S.-based electric utility company with multiple ISO 55001 certifications in South and Central America. Mr. Townsend will lead the English-language program to help U.S. organizations understand the value and benefits of ISO 55001 certification. Register at this link.


U.K. Infrastructure Government Actions

ALN supporter Michael Salvato, Mott MacDonald, Vice President, Advisory Services and Principal- Asset Management provided a wealth of information about U.K. initiatives on infrastructure, despite being unable to join the ALN Transportation / Transit Asset Leadership Board Roundtable this Wednesday 20 November at 3 pm. First, is an article on how the U.K. sees infrastructure as a platform for human flourishing. Next he provided the U.K. vision for the built environment. Finally, he contributed a link to the U.K. infrastructure roadmap to 2030. These are all documents that are worth review and will be discussed at the Roundtable. Register for the upcoming event at this link.


Attend the Asset Leadership Roundtable

Kimon Onuma, President, Onuma, Inc. (an ALN Patron Member) asked to provide an opening presentation for a discussion about the need for top leaders to understand the need for supporting advanced approaches to organizational asset management, including the need for an information management system that is secure, agile, and able to leverage the power of contemporary tools and processes. Mr. Onuma has seen how leaders succeed, and fail, when trying to address today’s complex business environment, which is constantly being introduced to new technology and capabilities. His opening presentation on Wednesday 20 October at 2 pm Eastern, will provide a clear path leaders can take and will be followed by a panel discussion. Register here.

ABS Group provides data-driven risk and reliability solutions and technical services that help our clients confirm the safety, integrity, quality and environmental efficiency of their critical assets and operations.

Upcoming Events

Today, Tuesday, October 19th

9 am Eastern – ALN Patron Member Kimon Onuma is making a web presentation to the U.K. organization u3a, which helps retired professionals keep involved through volunteer activities. This is a focus on facilities professional volunteers. To join the Zoom Meeting:
Meeting ID: 835 5774 6960
Passcode: 903864

3 pm Eastern – Advancing Asset Management with Training and Certification

2021 ALN reStructuring America – Building on Success
October 11 – November 12

Stay tuned for the final schedule with registration links for more than 25 programs ranging from reports from federal executives to industry sector panels, to open panel discussions, to our highly popular ALN Th@4 pm ET web chat program. Registration and information at this link.

Community College Facilities Association
November 3 – 5

Featuring ALN Patron Member ONUMA, Inc. –

Value and Benefits from Asset Management
November 9 at 5pm Eastern

The ALN and Australia’s Asset Management Council continue our co-hosted web program series. Case studies will be used to give organizational executives confidence to start their asset management journey.