ALN Newsletter 2 March 2021

For this week’s ALN Th@4 pm ET March 4, Bill Franklin, NPMA President, will be speaking with Jim Dieter, ALN, CEO. Register at this link and, as usual, see more below.

Last week’s Spanish-language ALN Español webinar on the value of professional certification to the ISO 55000 series of standards was highly successful. The recording is available at this link. Please share with spanish-speaking colleagues.


Bill Franklin is the current National Property Management Association President and immediate past Chairman of the ASTM E53 Committee on Asset Management, which he has been involved with since 2007. He is Manager of Corporate Asset Management and Operations at Noblis, where he has been for almost 40 years. His long-term relationship with Jim Dieter will make this coming ALN Th@4 pm ET program very interesting and very likely to have an “overtime” session.


Industry Asset Leadership Boards

ALN is standing up Boards for specific industries, for example, the Utilities Asset Leadership Board. Boards will include ALN Member Organizations and invited leaders who share best practices related to how advanced, proven tools and processes can be implemented in specific industries. Boards will prepare papers, broadcast webinars, distribute meaningful content and, eventually, organize in-person meetings for exchange of ideas. Contact Mike Bordenaro, ALN Director, Communications if your organization, private or governmental, would like to help establish an Asset Leadership Board for an industry.


Information as an Asset

In 2016, an ALN Working Group on Information Management headed by Kimon Onuma established a finding that clearly and concisely stated, “Information is an Asset.” But what do you do with information assets to maximizes their value? This New York Times article on the spread of the coronavirus in a sample classroom illustrates how increasingly complex information can help us visualize hard-to-understand conditions to assist decision making. Not all organizations can afford to make this complex of a computer model, but it shows the ways information assets can be used to aid continuous improvement.

Upcoming Events

ALN Th@4 ET Schedule – Thursdays at 4 pm Eastern – Register Here

March 4 –

Bill Franklin, President, National Property Management Association

March 18 –

Dr. Doug Goetz, President and CEO at GP Consultants LLC