ALN Newsletter 20 July 2021

This is the 1-year anniversary of our ALN Th@4 pm ET web program. The casual chat format has become a very popular format for making asset management personal while still getting out excellent information, creating a dialogue with our audience of top management, and addressing critical issues to organizations, governments and society at large. Thank you to all of our guests and to our very engaged attendees.

This week’s ALN Th@4 on July 22 will feature a chat between Ron Regalado who will be talking with Jim Dieter, ALN CEO, about team building and navigating the corporate environment – a very specific, and unique, set of topics for the ALN. As always, see more in People and register at this link.


Ron Regalado has a long record of providing property management service to the U.S. Federal Government both as a consultant and as a federal executive with extensive, hands-on asset leadership experience. He is a trained DCMA Six Sigma Black Belt and is currently pursuing DCMA Black Belt certification. He has managed and led teams. He is an award-winning author, and an NPMA instructor. Of all the areas Mr. Regalado can address, he has chosen to talk with Jim Dieter about team building and making improvements to your organization no matter what level you are at. This promises to be a very different and highly useful ALN Th@4 pm ET.


Energy Diversity is Power

ALN Senior Fellow Art Kurland, in support of the ALN Advancing Equity with Asset Leadership Committee, recommends the Franklin Energy web program on developing a culture diversity and inclusion to achieve energy goals and resilience, while enhancing the workforce. “Impact Café: Leveraging Diversity to Accelerate our Nation’s Clean Energy Priorities” is a free event on Thursday 22 July at 1 pm Eastern. A panel of experts will explore diversity and inclusion as valued resources to achieve clean energy goals. Franklin Energy implements energy efficiency and grid optimization programs with a focus on customers. Register at this link.


Asset Management for Condo Associations

The recent condominium tragedy in Surfside, Florida resulted in journalists revealing a variety of issues with condominium asset management. The Washington Post pointed out that trillions of dollars in condominium assets are managed by “non-expert” condo board members. The New York Times recently noted that insuring seaside condominiums is only one of the many climate-related challenges faced by the insurance industry.  Jack Kelly, ALN Board of Directors Member and Senior Fellow, has written a response to the Timesarticle suggesting that use of ISO 55000 asset management practices could help condo boards better understand the risks associated with their asset management and investment decisions.  Insurance companies could also reduce their risks and price their policies more appropriately by requiring condo boards to have a better understanding of asset management.  See the Times article and Jack’s comments at this link.

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Ron Regalado, Federal Property Manager

July 29 –

Shelly Culbertson, Senior Policy Researcher at RAND Corporation