ALN Newsletter 21 December 2021

Happy Holidays and hopeful rest to the highly active ALN community. Leaders are very busy people and it is good that every once in a while society forces at least a little break from the intensity of problems we face. We hope you find joy and happiness in the coming weeks.

We are happy to announce Assetic, Inc. as a new member of the ALN. Founded in Australia, the asset management software company and consultant also has offices in Canada and England. It is now owned by U.S. based Dude Software. We are already working with Assetic on a 2022 Q1 conference for the Chicago-based Government Finance Officers Association, which services local government CFOs. Assetic was co- founded by Ashay Prabhu, who is featured in People below.


Ashay Prahbu, Managing Director helped start Assetic in 2005 to combine software and asset management services. First serving government agencies and moving on to Transport and Facilities, Assetic expanded out of Australia and now works around the world, including in the U.S. As a member of the Government Finance Officers Association, Mr. Prahbu was able to quickly assist with a request to the ALN for an asset management conference. A three-day conference is being planned for March. Leading work by Topeka, Kansas and Greater Geelong, Australia will be featured. A paper, co-publish by GFAO and ALN is planned. Stay tuned from more details.


David Albrice talk with Nick Knoke

We have been waiting for the right time to highlight the informative discussion ALN’s Director, Technology, Nick Knoke, had with David Albrice, founder of AssetInsights, an ALN organizational member. The holidays is a great time to watch the love of asset management being shared by Mr. Albrice and he uses his engaging animations to explain fundamentals to an informed and enthusiastic learner. The very real and entertaining exchange between the two is a gift to enjoy. As a matter of fact, you might want to gift this link to people you know who are new to asset management. Young or old, any professional will find lessons to learn from this highly engaging discussion between two passionate professionals. And look for more discussions between them in 2022.


Plan for ALN A55K Professional Certification Training

The December 2021 ALN A55K Professional Certification Training class included professionals from governments in Flint, Michigan; Hartford, Connecticut; and Omaha, Nebraska. The January 2022 class is sold out. Andrew James Advisory Group, an ALN Member Organization, offers it’s next 2-week web class starting on February 7, 2022. Consider the efficiencies and benefits of your asset management team learning together about the many ways the ISO 55000 structure approach to asset management can help you save time and money. Learn more at this link.


Grant Thornton Advisory Services: Bold ideas for breakthrough business strategies

Upcoming Events

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December 16

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The Reliability 4.0 Digital Transformation Conference
December 13 – 16

A worthwhile 2-minute introductory video by event organizer Terrence OHanlon is at this link. The video address why excellent companies address asset management.