ALN Newsletter 22 December 2020

Things are not always what they seem. Sometimes, asset management is not just about a class of assets, it is about the way you approach your entire enterprise. Sometimes, a small group of people can have a big impact on society. And sometimes, a Christmas poem is about more than just one holiday. Wait until the end of the following poem before you decide if it is only about Christmas.

And whatever holiday you are celebrating, enjoy fun, safe times with family and friends.

The Christmas Gift

You all are in bed now
I doubt you are sleeping
You have to find somehow
To keep the dream leaping
From one heart to another
Brother to sister, sisters to brothers

Warm under covers, little children wonder
“Is Santa Claus real? Will he still bother
To bring toys, games and sweaters?”
“I’d like a doll, if I had my druthers.”
Sisters ask brothers, Fathers ask Mothers

Yes, even adults sometimes can’t explain why
Gifts of love and miracles seem to fall from the sky
Without any warning, in the blink of an eye
These gifts that amaze us are not ones you can buy
They come from within us, they come from the heart
It comes from the love where all of us start
Cradled in Gods’ arms, where we peacefully coo
So, is Santa Claus real?
Yes, He is me and is you

You all are in bed now
I know you’re not sleeping
You all have found somehow
To keep the dream leaping
The morning will come and up you will wake
Snow or no snow, no difference will make
The gift is delivered, it is there to take
For yourself and to others
Sisters, Brothers, Fathers, Mothers
It is the gift of love between us
That makes every day Christmas…

And Hanukah
And Kwanza
And Ramadan
And on, and on
And on, and on…