ALN Newsletter November 24 2020

Special 2020 Thanksgiving Issue

Happy Thanksgiving – whatever form it takes this year – to everyone!

The ALN is grateful for the sustained support, interest, involvement and expert activities from our member organizations, expert volunteers and supporters. Together, we are having a visible, positive impact on the culture of asset leadership and asset management in the U.S. and around the world.

The ALN A55K Professional Certification has been accepted as a valuable path to improving mission success in government, institutional, and private organizations. We are thankful for your endorsement through participation. Our gratitude has manifested in our first Diversity Scholarship students taking the Andrew James Advisory Group training and ALN A55K Professional Certification Exam in December. Contact us to co-sponsor Diversity Scholarships at this link.

Information on the web-based ALN A55K Professional Certification training from December 7 – 18 is available at this link.

“Risk and Opportunity Management” – Call for questions and case studies
The ALN is preparing a series of web programs on “Risk and Opportunity Management” in 2021. Please share questions and case studies that can be used to make the programs valuable to our audience of high-level leaders responsible for gaining the most value from assets as possible to reduce risks and improve mission success at this link.

People / Sources / Ideas

For this 2020 Thanksgiving issue, our People, Sources and Ideas items are combined together to highlight the special work being done by the Bureau of Reclamation.

Chris Vick, Asset Manager, U.S. Department of Interiors, Bureau of Reclamation honored us with a concise, dense discussion on the benefits of structured asset leadership and asset management at the ALN 2020 Asset Leadership Forum – reStructuring America. His 14-minute video is available at this link. In his discussion mentioning the many initiatives enacted in the past year, Mr. Vick mentions the 2020 Reclamation Strategic Asset Management Plan. The Plan is publicly available at this link. Part of Mr. Vick’s presentation describes his organization’s actions to continuously improve their actions. Consider reviewing the substantial document for insights that can benefit your organization.

Thank You 

As we approach Thanksgiving, we would like to share gratitude for the connectedness that exists in the Asset Leadership Network.

None of us are the same.
We all have different ideas on how to approach things.
And sometimes we fight a bit because we are passionate about our positions.
But we all have the same goal of making things better . . . for everyone.
The more people we help make things better for, the more we all benefit.
Pretty simple to say.
Very hard to do.
But we all enjoy the journey together.
And we like laughing more than we like fighting.
There is no better way to help make things better for everyone than to be laughing while you are learning…
Learning to be more inclusive.
Learning to conserve as a measure of value.
Learning to help others measure their value.

Include. Conserve. Help. . . Appropriate sentiments for the season.

Members and supporters of the Asset Leadership Network are grateful to serve the needs of government and private organizations that want to improve their mission success. 

We wish you and yours good feelings from gratitude for each other despite the challenges of 2020.


Asset Leadership Network