ALN Newsletter 28 December 2021

2021 was an intense year.

Our Organizational Members and our supporters responded to numerous unusual work and personal issues. The uncertainty that existed, and continues to exist, is not easy on anyone.

Despite the challenges, the constant message we heard all year is that there is a better way. It is possible for an organization to gain dramatic benefits through a structured approach to asset management.

In 2021, the ALN was privileged to provide many ways for people to share this message with:

  • 48 Thursday afternoon web discussions;
  • more than 40 other web programs;
  • 49 editions of the ALN Newsletter;
  • 7 documents, including White Papers, submissions to Congress, a Sector Asset Leadership Strategy, and other writings; and,
  • hundreds of meetings, conversations, and in-person engagements.

The message was consistent and very clear – there is a path to address the world of problems we are facing. A structured approach to asset management has not even begun register its full set of benefits to society, but more and more, organizations are seeing how it helps create dramatic improvements in mission success. And they are sharing their success stories so others can replicate them.

We thank everyone who has shared this message in 2021 and look forward to serving you with even more value in 2022.

This week’s ALN Th@3 pm ET is an open discussion – let’s talk about the future. Anyone who requests will be made a panelist and we will talk about hopes and goals in 2021. Dress – and conversation – will be casual.

the Andrew James advisory group

Discover how ISO 55000 enables organizations to connect and align asset management initiatives in order to deliver organizational value. The next training class starts for ALN A55K Professional Certification – February 7th 2022.

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December 30

This week will be an open discussion. All attendees can be made a panelist and can speak if they would like.

January 6

Jack Dempsey, Definitive Logic, Director; National Academy of Sciences, Board on Infrastructure and the Constructed Environment, Board Member; ALN Board of Directors & Senior Fellow; Convenor Technical Committee 251 – Asset Management, Product Improvement I&SO 55000 Update Work Group.

January 27

Moshe Nelson, Principal, Grant Thornton, Co-Publisher of the ALN National Asset Leadership Strategy and the Law Enforcement Sector Asset Leadership Strategy