ALN Newsletter 29 March 2022

There is a special edition of ALN Th@3 pm ET this week. ALN Senior Fellow Daniel Ortiz Plata will provide 20 minutes of discussion in English and 20 minutes of discussion in Spanish with Cecilia Mowatt, Esq., President of Strategies In Site, an ALN Member Organization. Please join us by registering at this link and sharing it with your Spanish-speaking colleagues in the, U.S. and around the world.


Daniel Ortiz Plata, is an ALN Senior Fellow and the Manager of Ortiz Ruiz Consultorres, which provides asset management consulting with a focus on risk-based approaches to maintenance, inventory of spare parts, and other services. Mr. Ortiz is active in ISO 55001 certification programs in the U.S., Central America, and South America. He is working in water and wastewater, mining and other markets. He advises on energy savings based on ISO 55001, plant shutdown, Life Cycle Cost Evaluation, root cause analysis, and more. Mr. Ortiz will be speaking about what he sees in ISO 55001 certification in many countries. Register at this link.


IIJA Handbook for Local Governments

A multi-market look at the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Acts is freely available from The Atlas, a free online community for local government executives. One of the Founding Partners of The Atlas is Grant Thornton, an ALN Organizational Member. The web-based “IIJA Handbook for Local Governments” provides an introduction and break-out looks at transportation, water, broadband, and other types of infrastructure supported by the IIJA. Funding tips, schedules, and model projects are included. Please share with your local government executives.


Replicate the Michigan Infrastructure Council

Dive into the exemplary activities of the Michigan Infrastructure Council web presentation at the ALN 2022 Winter summit. The “MIC” is demonstrating world-class asset management practices right here in the U.S. by using a Canadian Network of Asset Management training program, establishing a state-wide “Dig Once” under road utility asset management database, sponsoring an Asset Champion program to create a culture of asset management, and more. Please share this link with your State executives. Let’s see if we can help replicate the success of the Michigan Infrastructure Council in other States


Grant Thornton Advisory Services: Bold ideas for breakthrough business strategies

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March 31

Daniel Ortiz, ALN Senior Fellow, will join us for a special ALN Th@3 to talk about asset management in South and Central America. The later part of the program will be in Spanish for our ALN Español audience.

Value and Benefits from Asset Management
April 12 at 3 pm Eastern

With the Australian Asset Management Council

ALN 2022 Municipal Asset Leadership Web Series
April 13 at 3 pm Eastern

Bringing a World of Experience to U.S. Local Governments
Four Questions that Transformed Municipal Asset Management
Melissa Osborne, Senior Manager of Asset Planning, City of Windsor, Canada