ALN Newsletter 5 October 2021

The 2021 ALN reStructuring America – Building on Success Web Conference October 11 – November 12 is getting stronger with every speaker confirmation of top executives who are clearing up their schedules to share insights about value and benefits from asset management.

USACE and Bureau of Land Management executives and leaders from South and Central America are confirmed. The opening web program is Monday 11 October at 1:30 pm Eastern, followed at 2pm by a keynote from former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley that will address “Advancing Equity with Infrastructure Asset Leadership.” Then, a panel with the same focus and includes former U.S. Congressman Ben McAdams (see more below in People); Hugh Sinclair, Division Manager, Asset Management at WSSC Water, and ALN Advancing Equity with Asset Leadership Committee representatives Mildred Chua – Ulger and Cecilia Mowatt, Esq.

The Web Conference agenda is also filling in with presentations, like one from Canadian David Albrice, Principal of new ALN Organizational Member, Asset Insights Management. Mr. Albrice will be talking with ALN Director, Technology, Nick Knoke, about the highly informative, short animations he has on a number of topics. With his animations, we can explain asset management and ISO 55001 to our parents! This program is scheduled for 27 October at 6 pm Eastern to be at a good time for our colleagues in Australia, who are big followers of Mr. Albrice. Look at this 2-minute animation and let us know if you think it is as beautifully clear as we do.

2021 ALN reStructuring America – Building on Success Web Conference is getting an early start this week with a special program, at a new time. ALN Th@4 pm ET is becoming ALN Th@3. Our first program at this new time is a pre-view of the dynamic content being provided by our organizational members and many executive supporters. This Thursday 7 October at 3 pm Eastern, Jim Dieter, ALN CEO; Jack Kelly, ALN Board of Directors Member, ALN Senior Fellow; and, Mike Bordenaro, ALN Director, Communications, will talk about the program they all helped shape.

Data-Driven Solutions
for Risk and Reliability


Ben McAdams recently founded the Common Ground Institute after serving Utah in the U.S. House of Representatives, and serving 2 terms as Mayor of Salt Lake City, Utah. Through the Common Ground Institute, Congressman McAdams helped facilitate last week’s web program on Urban Wealth Funds organized by the Government Finance Officers Association and co-sponsored by the ALN, which brought in former Gov. Martin O’Malley as the Keynote speaker, thanks to Grant Thornton. The two will continue discussions about the creation of Urban Wealth Funds on Monday 11 October at the opening sessions of the 2021 ALN reStructuring America – Building on Success Web Conference. Register here.


ABS Group – ALN Water Treatment White Paper

Adopting the ISO 55000 Asset Management Framework for the Water Treatment Industry” is a White Paper detailing the ways ISO 55000 can be applied by leaders of water treatment facilities. Principal author, Mark West, ABS Group, Senior Director of Reliability Services, will present on the White Paper and the key issues facing water treatment plant executives on Tuesday 12 October at 3 pm Eastern as part of the ALN annual web conference. Following the Water Treatment White Paper there will be a panel discussion among members of the ALN Water & Wastewater Asset Leadership Board at 4 pm Eastern. Register for both at this link.


reStructuring America – Building on Success – A Focus on Equity

There are three themes running through the ALN’s annual web conference – Leadership, Equity, and Value. Most people understand that top-leadership support is needed in order to implement a successful asset management program. Most understand that without showing the value of implementing an asset management plan, it won’t be started. Far fewer understand how Equity can bring value and even take a front seat in asset management discussions. The ALN Advancing Equity with Asset Leadership committee responded to an RFI from the White House Office of Management & Budget on Advancing Equity at Federal Agencies. ISO 55001 4.2 requires involvement of all relevant stakeholders, which advances equity. Simple to write, not so simple to do. A focus on equity can (and should) be a valueable part of your asset management planning activities, especially with the upcoming infrastructure spend. We have published our RFI response previously, but we are highlighting it again now to liven up the discussion in our upcoming programs.

ABS Group provides data-driven risk and reliability solutions and technical services that help our clients confirm the safety, integrity, quality and environmental efficiency of their critical assets and operations.

Upcoming Events

ALN Th@3 – Preview
October 7 at 3pm Eastern

A preview of the upcoming web conference:
2021 reStructuring America – Building on Success  

Featuring: ALN CEO Jim Dieter; Michael Bordenaro, ALN, Director, Communications; Jack Kelly, ALN Board member, ALN Senior Fellow, served at the OMB for 36 years.  Register here.

2021 ALN reStructuring America – Building on Success
October 11 – November 12

Stay tuned for the final schedule with registration links for more than 25 programs ranging from reports from federal executives to industry sector panels, to open panel discussions, to our highly popular ALN Th@4 pm ET web chat program. Registration and information at this link.

Institute for Asset Management North American Conference 2021
October 12 – 14

Value and Benefits from Asset Management
November 9 at 5pm Eastern

The ALN and Australia’s Asset Management Council continue our co-hosted web program series. Case studies will be used to give organizational executives confidence to start their asset management journey.