ALN Newsletter 6 September 2022

You don’t know what you don’t know…
Until you learn from people you respect.
Understand their repeatable successes…
Then, please, help others repeat your successes.
All our organizations need to continuously improve the management of their assets.

Join us for “A Culture of Value – Sustainable Infrastructure” at the National Academy of Sciences on September 16, 2022. This in-person event continues a series of high-level asset management information sharing that have positively impacted the leaders of many governmental, institutional, and private organizations.

Nothing drives home a point of view better than hearing it in person – eye to eye.

It is not only the speakers you learn from, the National Academy of Sciences helps attract some of the best audience members. We are a networking organization, and many great connections have been made at ALN events. Learn about infrastructure asset management, facilities asset management, personal property asset management, asset management finances – and how each sub-sector can positively impact and learn from the other. Join us by registering at this link.

See links to the speakers’ previous ALN video highlights at this link and below.

The No Host Association Dinner will be on Thursday 15 September at Cirque at the Foggy Bottom Metro at 6 pm. See why below in Ideas. Register here.

ALN TH@3 pm ET this Thursday 8 September at 3 pm Eastern will feature a talk with Richard Dietz. See more below in People and register for ALN Th@3 pm ET at this link.

The Andrew James Advisory Group is Offering A55K Professional Certification Course starting October 24


Richard Dietz, DC Government, Capital Assets Replacement Scheduling System, Manager, has been at the heart of an asset management cultural evolution for many years. DC Government’s Office of the Chief Financial Officers used a structured approach to asset management to demonstrate organizational transformation to the point our colleagues in the Government Financial Officers Association call DC Gov “Rock Stars” of government financial officers. Mr. Dietz manages the information management system that drives measurable benefits, such as a projected $100 million savings in bond interest over 10 years. Learn what you can replicate at your organization from the cultural improvements in asset management at DC Government at this weeks ALN Th@3.


The success enjoyed at the Department of Interiors, Bureau of Reclamation, Dam Safety and Infrastructure, by the team led by Chris Vick, Asset Management Division Manager, is one that could be replicated throughout government organizations. In ALN web programs in 2020 and 2021, Mr. Vick explained how their structured approach to asset management was written, inserted into legislation, and funded. See these videos here amongst other past video highlights from the upcoming events’ speakers. Mr. Vick will explain in person how his team has distributed, $200,000 million using a structured approach to asset management, and how it will award another $3 billion for maintenance backlog in the next few years. Attend the in-person presentation on Friday 16 September at this link.


Attend the State OBO Meeting

In case you were on vacation last week or missed this announcement, we are repeating the idea of attending the State OBO annual meeting. See below. Since we are recommending people attend this event in Foggy Bottom, we are having our No Host Association Dinner on 23nd Street at Circa on Thursday 15 September, 6 pm – 8 pm. Register for the No Host Association Dinner at this link. Here is the location web link for Circa in Foggy Bottom.

The U.S. Department of State Overseas Building Operations (OBO) is having its public Industry Advisory Group Annual Meeting on Thursday 15 September at 2201 C Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. Presentations about recently completed and designed Embassies and diplomatic facilities represent the best of U.S. values embodied in infrastructure, architecture, engineering, sustainability, technology, construction, art, and culture. If you are near the District on September 15th, you owe it to yourself to see at least part of the program highlighting the powerful connection between the mission of the United States and assets provided by OBO.

Upcoming Events

Richard Dietz – ALN Th@3
September 8th

Richard Dietz runs the Capital Asset Replacement Scheduling System at DC Government Office of the Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Dietz has presented to the ALN in the past and has presented at GFOA, AWWA, and is pending acceptance for a presentation the IAM Annual Event in Denver. He will be talking about the culture of asset management established at DC Government Office of the Chief Financial Officer.

A Culture of Value: Sustainable Infrastructure
September 16th

This in-person event will be conducted at the National Academy of Sciences featuring speakers from federal and local government, institutions, associations, and private industry.

Why? Sustainable success from our infrastructure investments demands asset leadership guiding a structured approach to asset management. Collaborative efforts identifying and uniting the best practices from many associations and sectors provides the most direct path to greatest value to the nation.

IAM North America Conference in Denver October 3 – 6, 2022
ASTM Committee Week in New Orleans October 16 – 21, 2022