ALN Newsletter 7 December 2021

The overwhelming success of ALN Roundtables during our 2021 web conference has prompted us to start a monthly ALN Roundtable series starting next Wednesday 15 December at 3 pm Eastern. See more below in Ideas.

We are also happy to continue promoting the excellent work of the U.S. Government Accountability Office with a web discussion this Thursday at 3 pm Eastern with Matt Cook, Assistant Director, Infrastructure, U.S. GAO. As usual, see more below in People.


Matthew Cook is Assistant Director, Physical Infrastructure, U.S. Government Accountability Office with experience in real property policy and surface transportation issues. After receiving a Masters of Public Policy, Mr. Cook has spent 16 years at the GAO participating in reports on property disposal, repair, maintenance, space planning, and other issues. He has spent his career at the GAO and has moved through its 2-year initial development program, and worked as an analyst before becoming Assistant Director. His work includes numerous projects examining federal real property and the costs associated with operating and maintaining federal facilities. He participated in reports on “FEDERAL REAL PROPERTY: Leases with Purchase Options are Infrequently Used but May Provide Benefits” and “FEDERAL REAL PROPERTY: Improved Transparency Could Help Efforts to Manage Agencies’ Maintenance and Repair Backlogs”. Mr. Cook will provide insights on how he has progressed through the GAO and on recent publicly available reports.


Celebrating ISO 55001 Certification

We are happy to report that Palm Beach County Water Utilities has been certified as ISO 55001 compliant according to this report from Stantec, the company that assisted the process. The Water Utility is the first in the U.S. to be certified as ISO 550001 compliant and is to be commended for its efforts. The utility serves almost 600,000 people in a 1,300 square mile service area using 5 regional treatments plants to process an average of 60 million gallons of drinking water daily. It is the third largest water utility in Florida. The ALN applauds Palm Beach County Water Utilities and will work to amplify their message of success with a structured approach to asset management.


ALN Roundtable: Sustainability and Asset Management

On Wednesday 15 December at 3 pm Eastern, ALN CEO Jim Dieter will lead a select group of experts in a discussion on Sustainability and Asset Management to spark thinking, learning, and advancing understanding on how asset management can be used to help an organization sustain its mission success and help it contribute to the sustainable use of public assets such as clean water and clean air. Confirmed are participants are Jennifer Zach, CMO, Uberlytics; Mary Adams, President, SmarterCompanies. Invited are Dr. Annette Kämpf-Dern, Dr. Thomas Smith, David McKoewn, Malak Baharami, Marty Rowland, and David Totman. Register at this link.


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December 9

Matt Cook, Assistant Director, U.S. Government Accountability Office

The Reliability 4.0 Digital Transformation Conference
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A worthwhile 2-minute introductory video by event organizer Terrence OHanlon is at this link. The video address why excellent companies address asset management.