ALN Newsletter April 21 2020

Having endured over a month of unprecedented chain reactions from the corona virus/covid-19, it is good to start shaping policies and strategies that can move the country forward in the best possible manner. And, in Other Things, it is always good to express gratitude.


ALN National Asset Leadership Strategy

Moshe Nelson, Grant Thornton Public Sector – Asset Management Solution Lead, and ALN Senior Fellow says, “Never has a time been more important than now to realign measurements of asset value to pre-established social benefits, such as the health and well-being of the nation. The ALN National Asset Leadership Strategy provides the initial framework to begin infrastructure realignment towards a stronger and more resilient nation.”


GAO 19-57 Report

The U.S. Government Accountability Office provided a critical report that provides insight on best practices titled Federal Real Property Asset Management in 2018. The six key elements of effective asset management are always worth reviewing. 


Tacoma Zach
CEO, Uberlytics
ALN Senior Fellow

Tacoma Zach, ALN Senior Fellow for Water/Wastewater launched a webinar series and guidebook for utility executives who need to provide service with reduced resources and potentially reduced staff. “Asset Management for Utilities: A Playbook for Water & Wastewater Utilities Asset Management” was launched by Uberlytics’ new division MentorAPM. Register for the book. View the first webinar.

Other Things

Gratitude Tweetstorm

The U.S. House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee is having a Tweetstorm to thank “those who keep us moving.” Compliment specific people or groups of people and use the hashtag #ToThoseWhoKeepUsMoving and the T&I Committee will be retweeting participants’ comments.