ALN Newsletter April 28 2020

Please reply to this email with any insights, links or other information that can help people better guide their organizations through the pandemic.  And please continue to be vigilant about your safety and the safety of others.


BAH AI Webinar for
COVID-19 Response

ALN member Booz Allen Hamilton is hosting a webinar on May 7, 2020 titled AI for COVID-19 Response: Federal Health Virtual Forum. It addresses how AI is already being used and how it can be used to further assist a national pandemic response.  BAH also provides a wealth of Corona Virus Resources and Insights.

On Friday April 24, 2020, the GSA released a Guide for federal agencies to be attuned to customer needs and intentionally design experiences to exceed those needs. GSA’s Acting Chief Customer Officer Matt Ford says the guide addresses, “…the needs agencies have expressed in structuring contracts and identifying the best industry partners to help accelerate their service transformations.”


Greg Hayes, CEO
Raytheon Technologies

ALN Member Raytheon Technologies donated $3 million in PPE to the state of Connecticut last week. Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont says, “…we are appreciative to have corporate partners like Raytheon Technologies…”