ALN Newsletter August 4 2020

ALN Th@4 – this Thursday, August 6, at 4 pm Eastern – Jim Dieter will chat with Ark Wingrove about asset management success stories in the U.K., Ireland, and South Africa. See more in People, below.

Next Thursday, August 13 at 4 pm Eastern will feature ALN Board Member and Senior Fellow Richard Culbertson chatting about Asset Management Disasters with Mike Bordenaro.


Ark Wingrove
Nominated as
ALN Senior Fellow

Ark Wingrove has provided asset management insights and strategies as a consultant around the world and as a semi-state Asset Management Strategy lead in Ireland. He is president of Kompas Development and writes an unique asset management blog titled Wandering Asset Manager.


Total Cost of Ownership

At the 2019 ALN annual event, long-time ALN supporter Deke Smith made a compelling presentation on how Total Cost of Ownership is an integral element of proper asset management. In the presentation, Smith points out that a newly approved ANSI Total Cost of Ownership written by APPA provides a path to improved financial decision making regarding asset priorities.


ASTM Insights
On Data Collection

Dave Barder of the National Property Management Association and ASTM E53 identified interest in an ASTM Standardization News article by Katie Daisey on the importance of establishing proper data sampling when measuring the effectiveness of activities including asset management

reStructuring America is the 2020 ALN web forum of ideas, best practices, case studies and information that can be immediately useful to organizations. Starting on October 6, 2020 the web forum will feature programs on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays until October 22, 2020.