ALN Newsletter December 9 2020

The ALN Advancing Equity with Asset Leadership activities will be discussed with Hugh Sinclair from the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission at this week’s ALN Th@ 4. Register at this link and see more below.


Hugh Sinclair, Asset Management Section Manager with the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, was a recipient of the prestigious NASA research fellowship in Environmental Engineering and this year studied at the UNC Kenan-Flager Business School Water and Waste Water Leadership Institute. This week he is completing the ALN A55K Professional Certification training from the Andrew James Advisory Group. It will be a pleasure hear to educated perspectives on applying ISO 55000 to advancing equity among all stakeholders.  Register to hear Mr. Sinclair this Thursday at 4 pm Eastern

See statements by Mr. Sinclair in the panel discussion at the ALN 2020 reStructuring America Forum at this link.


Provide Comment When Asked

Rich Culbertson, ALN Board Member and Senior Fellow, has provided public comment for the ALN and other organizations for many years. His comments get recognized as valuable and acted on regularly. Recently, Mr. Culbertson commented to his local Public Utility Commission and contributed to a Judge ruling to deny a $100 million per year rate increase. He showed how the gas company did not meet current standards. He successfully argued that not following international, consensus-based standards, such as ISO 55000, indicated non-compliance with existing legislation and regulations and therefore there was no basis for a rate increase. In order to receive an upcoming paper and contributions Mr. Culbertson makes to the 2020 ALN Transition Team Position Paper by emailing


Asset Leadership Defined

Now that the Electoral College has declared there will be a new Presidential Administration, it is important to emphasize the bipartisan concept of asset leadership as defined by ALN CEO Jim Dieter at the 2020 ALN reStructuring America Forum. See his PPT presentation at this link to read clear statements like, “Asset Leadership connects the organizational objectives to the asset management objectives.” Understand how simple, but powerful concepts like this deserve to be shared at this critical time.