ALN Newsletter July 15 2020

The ALN is launching “ALN Th@4”. Every Thursday at 4 pm Eastern will be a 30-minute program featuring thought leaders and influencers from the U.S. and around the world. The programs will address pending legislation, review asset management disasters, feature chats with government officials and others, and provide interactive presentations.


ISO 26000
Managing Social

The ALN enthusiastically supports the use of ISO 55000 management system for asset management, in part because we think it is socially responsible to improve management of assets. However, ISO 26000 for Social Responsibility provides detailed steps for organizations that want to measure up to international standards. Like other ISO standards, it can be dovetailed into an asset management systems approach.


Daniel Ortiz Plata
ALN Senior Fellow

Daniel Ortiz Plata, CMRP, A55K, MSc in Maintenance Management is drafting a paper on the introduction of a “Cost-Risk-Performance” approach to an asset management system as opposed to only looking at risk management. People interested in the document can email


ALN Position Paper:
ISO 55001 Certification

The Asset Leadership Network has identified inconsistencies in the way organizations are listed as being ISO 55001 certified or in compliance with the standard. An ALN Position Paper has been written on the way the inconsistencies can be addressed so there is clear understanding of the companies that are officially ISO 55001 certified and those that are compliant. ALN Board Member and Senior Fellow Jack Kelly is the lead author.