ALN Newsletter July 8 2020

Happy 8th of July!

The Monday following July 4, 1776 was July 8th – the day when the real work of the nation began. And the work continues today.

It is an honor to know that so many high-level executives understand improved asset management is a clear path to a more perfect Union.

It is pleasure to be of service to the idea that all people are created equal and deserve their rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


Racism and Anti-racism
In Asset Leadership

The ALN 2020 reStructuring America Fall Forum 2020 will examine racism and anti-racism in asset management decision making. How can asset leadership provide anti-racism approaches that break down long-term racism related to assets? What have you seen as successful in establishing equity and equality in specific asset categories and decision processes? Participate in the LinkedIn discussion we have started at


Jack Kelly
ALN Senior Fellow

Jack Kelly was instrumental in establishing the first phase of the ALN led National Asset Leadership Strategy (NALS), which was supported by Grant Thornton. Kelly is beginning working on the NALS second phase, which is to be finalized for the ALN 2020 reStructing America Forum and will be included in our 2021 Transition Team Recommendations. It will include asset Sector Strategic Asset Management Plans and language that can be used by public and private executives. Contact to get involved in developing the NALS.



The ALN A55K Professional Certification web page is now linked on the ISO 55000 Wikipedia page and is under consideration for permanent inclusion. What other information would be good to share on Wikipedia with people who are looking to learn about ISO 55000? Send suggestions to

Asset Leadership Network 2020 Fall Forum

An online series of focused events will be held on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for three consecutive weeks starting October 5, 2020.