ALN Newsletter June 23 2020

In response to last week’s item on new ISO 55010 information on alignment of financial and non-financial functions of asset management, ALN Senior Fellow Art Kurland, submitted two papers he has written on similar topics. See “People” below. And please feel free to submit items you think will be useful for owners of large, diverse asset portfolios.


Asset Leadership is different than Asset Management

Jim Dieter, ALN CEO, has a definition of Asset Leadership in the context of the ISO 55000 definition of Asset Management.

Asset Leadership – directing coordinated activities to realize highest value from assets (ALN)
Asset Management – the coordinated activity of an organization to realize value from assets (IS0 55000)


GAO Report
On USAF Assets

Last week, the U.S. Government Accountability Office reported on the U.S. Air Force’s Enterprise Risk Management System regarding critical assets. The report was led by GAO’s Kristen Kociolek and offers 12 recommendations, many of which are applicable to all agencies and large organizations of all types.


Art Kurland
ALN Senior Fellow

Art Kurland, Director of Capital and Asset Management at the University Health System, wrote “A Financial Approach for U.S. I.T. Asset Management” and for the NPMA’s Property Professional magazine, “Understanding Property Management’s Impact on Financial Statements” that start on page 8. Both include approaches that are applicable to all categories of assets.