ALN Newsletter June 3 2020

Well-managed, private assets helped successfully launch humans from the U.S. into space for the first time. Well played.

The ALN is honored to work with Grant Thornton to have a Federal Law Enforcement series that highlights successful, repeatable asset management practices as part of our 2020 annual fall event. See more below.


Moshe Nelson,
ALN Senior Fellow

Moshe Nelson, Grant Thornton Public Sector – Asset Management Solution Lead, is organizing the Federal Law Enforcement series of web-based keynote, panel, chats and discussion threads for the ALN 2020 Fall Event. Nelson is facilitating review of case studies, topics and speaker suggestions. Submit suggestions to


Endless Frontier Act

Four, bi-partisan Senators and Congressmen introduced a bill for $100 billion to develop critical technology over five years. The Endless Frontier Act could possibly benefit from a few words referencing the use of ISO 55000 to help manage assets being funded. Contact if you are interested and able to reach out to legislators about the Act.


GSA Excess Property

The GSA has reached out to the ALN about ideas to address excess real and personal property. If you have a success story about how you dealt with excess real or personal property, or both, please contact us through the following Contact Form. We will gather insights and share them with the GSA.