ALN Newsletter May 5 2020

It is still important to not let up on being vigilant about your safety and the safety of those around you.

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Moshe Nelson
ALN Senior Fellow

Grant Thornton’s Public Sector Asset Management Solution Lead, Moshe Nelson is participating the ALN co-hosted web workshop and webinar series titled “BIMStorm at Distance” on May 7 at 1 pm Eastern. Nelson says, “The week’s webinar will feature approaches to predicting, managing and optimizing Personal Protective Equipment including implications on operation and space utilization.”


Congressional Pandemic

Brian Monahan, Attending Physician for Congress, issued Pandemic Social Distancing and Daily Health Screening for Congressional Workplaces. They could be helpful for other workplaces also. They include an 11-question Health Screening Inventory and visitor screening protocols.


Follow the USAF 
Lead on ISO 55000

Now might be a good time to look at the 2019 Asset Leadership Week presentation by Russell Weniger, Chief of the Facility Operations branch within the USAF Installation and Support Center. Titled “USAF: Incrementation Steps to Advanced Asset Management with ISO 55000 Guidance”, the presentation maps the USAF ISO 55000 journey, lists benefits and includes do’s and don’t do’s.