ALN Newsletter November 10 2020

ALN A55K Professional Certification web-based training will occur December 7 – 18, 2020. Information is available at this link. A Pharmaceutical-focused series of courses will occur in January. 

ALN Th@4 on 12 November 2020 will feature Ed Safdie, Director, Grant Thornton discussing the draft Sector Asset Leadership Success Structure for the Healthcare Industry. Professionals involved in other industries will also benefit from the approach Ed is leading. Register at this link. See more about Ed Safdie below.


Ezra “Ed” Safdie, P.E., has been a Director at Grant Thornton for almost 2 years. Previously, he was the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Chief Engineer and was with the VA for more than 15 years. He has a Masters in Biomedical/Medical Engineering, but more importantly, he has a passion for how ISO 55000 can benefit the U.S. Healthcare Industry. Ed is using his significant experience to lead drafting the ALN Healthcare Sector Asset Leadership Success Strategy document, which will be included in the ALN Asset Leadership Federal Position Paper that will be presented to the Presidential Transition Team and the 117th Congress.


Use ISO 55000
for Your People

Dr. Kofi Smith, President and CEO of the Atlanta Airlines Terminal Company made a significant statement during the ALN 2020 Asset Leadership Forum – reStructuring America. He said the best reason to use ISO 55000 was to support his people. He stated that adherence to the ISO 55000 approach provided his people Safety, Tools and Empowerment to best achieve Mission Success. See Dr. Smith’s video presentation at this link.


ALN 2016 Recommendations
Executive Summary

Similar to this year, in 2016 the ALN organized its annual event as means of establishing a bi-partisan Position Paper on Federal Asset Leadership for presentation to the new Presidential Administration and Congress. As we work to finalize our 2020 Position Paper, it is good to review the Executive Summary of recommendations hand-delivered to the 2016 Presidential Transition Team and Congress. Find the 2016 Position Paper Executive Summary at this link.