ALN Newsletter October 27 2020

ALN A55K Professional Certification training information is available at this link.

This Thursday 29 October – ALN Th@4 will focus on the writing of a Sector Asset Leadership Success Strategy based on thoughts, policy and achievements of the 2020 Asset Leadership Forum – reStructuring America.

Leaders from Grant Thornton and the Asset Leadership Network will explain the intention of a National Asset Leadership Strategy and the contributions from Sector Asset Leadership Success Strategies.

Leaders from many industry sectors will understand how to bring transformative ideas and concepts into their business market. Register at this link.

Next week we will return to our 3-item format of People, Ideas and Sources. Please submit any ideas you have or questions we can answer for you in upcoming issues of the ALN Newsletter to

This week we conclude our highlight coverage of the ALN 2020 Asset Leadership Forum – reStructuring America.


The ALN 2020 Asset Leadership Forum – reStructuring America – was successful on many levels. Seven CEO-level executives, multiple directors, and those with responsibility for entire asset categories in their organizations spoke consistently on ways a structured approach to asset leadership and asset management can drive dramatic value from assets.

One reason the Forum was successful is because it had keynote speakers, like Peter Kohler, who say things like, “You can’t hear what I am saying if I don’t hear what you are saying.”

This part of Peter’s closing keynote refers to ISO 55001 4.2, which indicates that all relevant stakeholders should be involved in the management of any asset for its entire lifecycle.

Peter’s simple comment for “reStructuing America – The Path Forward with Asset Leadership” directly relates to an earlier program, “Addressing Inequity with Asset Leadership,” where panelist Cecilia Mowatt, Esq., cited ISO 55001 4.2 and involving all stakeholders, not just the usual subjects, as a path to success.

It is not often there is such widespread consensus on a clear path to organizational mission success, but adhering to the ISO 55000 structured approach is clearly seen as beneficial by many asset owners and leaders, as witnessed in 14 ALN programs in October 2020.

In the third and last week of the Forum, there were web programs addressing federal law enforcement, water & wastewater, ALN Senior Fellows special project reports and the path forward with Asset Leadership. The final week of the Forum built on the previous two weeks with insights from Brazos River Authority, municipalities, Australian and Canadian leaders, standards writing experts, private industry leaders and government executives.

All programs were recorded and are on the ALN website at:

The Law Enforcement program featured DHS Leadership on the importance of a systematic approach to Asset management, ICE explained the reasons it is working toward ISO 55000 certification and the ALN working group committed to further programs.

The Water & Wastewater program included a CEO and a Director of large systems advocate for the importance of structured systems based on ISO 550000, a GAO overview of multiple important water reports, the convergence of civil engineering standards and asset management standards and more.

ReStructuring America – The Path Forward with Asset Leadership looked to Australia, Canada, the U.K., Holland and elsewhere to understand what is proven, what to avoid and what is possible as the U.S. moves further into early adapter stage of significant, widespread business process improvements.

Stay tuned for more information about how the web programs from the ALN 2020 Asset Leadership Forum – reStructuring America – evolve into action programs.