ALN Newsletter September 8 2020

Confirmed for panels and presentations are representatives from the Department of State, USACE, Bureau of Land Management, Government Accountability Office, NASA, New York Metropolitan Transit Authority and others.  Register for web events from October 6 – 22 below:

ALN Th@4 – this Thursday, September, 10 at 4 pm Eastern – ALN Board Member Dominic Townsend, President of ABS Quality Evaluations will chat with Jim Dieter about assessment in the time of COVID-19 and other topics. Register here.


In memory of Bob Holcombe, who passed this weekend from brain cancer, the ALN is collecting comments for a tribute to be shared during the 2020 Asset Leadership Week – reStructuring America web event “reConsidering Government Assets” on Thursday 8 October at 10:30 am. Bob was GSA Director, Personal Property Management Policy after being at NASA and DoJ. He contributed greatly to the ALN, NPMA, ASTM and others. He was truly a gentle man and is sorely missed. Send comments to


ALN 2020 Asset
Leadership Forum –
reStructuring America

Select a web event or two from the ALN 2020 Asset Leadership Forum – reStructuring America event registration page and share them with colleagues. Establish that your colleagues will take notes and compare notes after the event is completed to determine if your organization can make improvements based on lessons learned.


Uruguay Round Agreement

The Uruguay Round Agreement of the World Trade Association is the largest trade agreement ever. It resulted in the U.S. National Technology Transfer Act of 1995, which legislated conditions of the Uruguay Round Agreement, including the requirement for using international consensus standards – such as ISO 55000. ALN Board Member and Senior Fellow, Richard Culbertson has submitted a Memo to ASTM indicating that use of ISO 55000 is not only a good thing for agencies, it is required by U.S. law.