Asset Leadership Impact Awards Presented at National Press Club

The Asset Leadership Network non-profit association presented its 2015 Asset Leadership Impact Awards at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. on October 21, 2015.

The Awards highlight asset management projects, project teams, the introduction of a piece legislation and the author a ground breaking book on the surprisingly high level of government assets worldwide. All the award winners show paths to improve asset management for governments as well as private companies.

Jim Dieter, Executive Director of the Asset Leadership Network says, “The Asset Leadership Impact Awards highlight beneficial approaches to improved asset management practices and how others can achieve similar success.”

2015 Asset Leadership Impact Awards were given to:

  • Co-authors Dag Detter and Stefan Fölster for their book, “The Public Wealth of Nations: How Management of Public Wealth Can Boost or Bust Governments.” The award recognizes the insightful assessment of government assets and refers to proven asset management processes that can help governments address growing debt with proper implementation;
  • The Office of U.S. Rep. Patrick E. Murphy, (D) Florida, 18th and thirteen bipartisan co-sponsors for the Introduction of the Savings, Accountability, Value, and Efficiency Act of 2015, H.R. Bill 614 – popularly known as the SAVE Act. The Asset Leadership Impact Award for Asset Legislation Innovation recognizes the considerable savings the Act can provide U.S. tax payers by improving asset disposition.
  • The National Guard Bureau and the Army National Guard were given a Leadership in Asset Management for development of the Readiness Center Transformation Master Plan for linking 70 million square feet of space to mission preparedness in a groundbreaking manner.
  • The Federal Agency Collaboration Award was jointly granted to Awarded Jointly to Department of Defense, Defense Health Agency, Department of Veteran Affairs, S. Department of Navy, Executive Office of the President of the U.S., Office of Management and Budget with National Institute of Building Sciences and Contractors for their FED iFM and SEPS2BIM facility asset and personal property asset management.

The Asset Leadership Network was formed by the U.S. Delegates to the ISO 55000 asset management stand that was unanimously passed by representatives from 37 countries. It is dedicated to identifying and promoting existing and new asset management processes and tools that bring improved governance of all assets owned by government entities, institutions and private companies. See more information at

Asset Leadership Network Executive Team members who are expert in different asset categories, such as fleet, personal property and real property, are available for comment on request.