Asset Management in Support of National Defense

An International Web Program Series of Asset Management Success Stories

AEST – Sydney time: Thursday 13 April 8am AEST
EST – Washington, D.C. time: Wednesday 12 April 5pm EST

Rachel Scott was an officer in the Royal Australian Navy with her last role being the Senior Reliability Engineer for maritime Defence. In this role, she provided technical advice for the asset management of over $100 billion worth of assets and projects, including Submarines, Operational Patrol Vessels, Frigates, Destroyers, Mine Hunters and autonomous vehicles. As a private citizen, she continues to provide specialist support to the RAN and its industry partners in asset and asset management system improvement.

Ms. Scott will address strategies and successful implementation of military asset management systems that assure desired outcomes, including significant reduction in resources needed to deliver capability, articulating risk in the face of funding constraints, and more. Ms. Scott is Director of Education and Training at The Asset Management College.

Peter Dodgion Civil Works Asset Management Chief, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Mr. Dodgion will present on use of a structured approach to asset management to enable the USACE Civil Works mission is to support 25,000-mi of inland and coastal waterways, 926 harbors, 400-mi of shoreline protection, 3 percent of the electrical generation capacity in the United States and more.

The mission requires operating and maintaining assets as effectively and efficiently as possible in support of many uses, including potential national defence. Because there is relatively limited annual funding appropriated to the Civil Works Program. Mr. Dodgion will address the USACE asset management system values and benefits as it has evolved since the USACE began studying PAS 55.