Benefits of ISO 55000 Highlighted in White Paper

A foundation for confident asset management actions shows executives steps to take toward reduced costs, improved quality, higher customer satisfaction on the path to mission success.

Clear steps to large-scale asset management initiatives are simply outlined in a White Paper for Executives, Managers, Operators and Consultants. Sponsored by the Asset Leadership Network and 4tell Solutions, the free White Paper provides asset management context, examples and a path to success leveraging the ISO 55000 management system for asset management.

While asset management has existed for all of humanity, the ISO 55000 management system for asset management is the first time people from all around the world have agreed on the key steps to improve management of any asset category. When applied on an enterprise level, organizations have experienced more than 10 – 20 percent improvement in the areas being measured.

Jim Kavanagh, CEO of 4tell, says, “Today’s business environment and geographically distributed asset portfolios benefit greatly from a global industry standard that supports a consistent framework for asset management and empowers organizations to benchmark overall portfolio performance and align capital investments with their core mission.”

The Asset Leadership Network and 4tell Solutions wrote the paper to encourage more organizations to use ISO 55000 to improve mission success.

Jack Kelly, Asset Leadership Network Senior Fellow for Federal Programs, and Michael Hardy, 4tell Solutions, Director, Government Solutions and ALN Senior Fellow for State and Local Government, authored this White Paper for teams to understand how to quickly achieve significant benefits from implementing an asset management systems approach to achieving organizational missions.

The paper provides a foundation of asset management understanding and steps for teams to follow to achieve clearly defined measures of success using the ISO 55000 management system for asset management.

The White Paper is available on the ALN website and at:

Asset Management in High Performance Organizations