Free Webinar: Reduce the Government Footprint with Office Hoteling, Integrated Workplace Management Systems and ISO 550000

Implementing the new ISO 55000 asset management standard along with office hoteling and Integrated Workplace Management Systems, government agencies can spread best practices across the real estate portfolio. Trimble, in conjunction the Asset Leadership Network – the leading proponent of ISO 55000 in the U.S. – will present repeatable asset management strategies for governments to reduce their office portfolios.

Join us, December 10th at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time for a webinar featuring a brief overview of the new ISO 55000 asset management standard and a conceptual approach to “Hoteling” and Space Management for offices and conference rooms.

The webinar will cover:

  • An Overview of the ISO 55000 asset management standard by Asset Leadership Network Executive Director, Jim Dieter
  • Reduce workstation costs and eliminate unoccupied workspaces
  • “Hoteling” to reduce office footprints and save money
  • Utilize the same amount of workspace for an increasing workforce
  • Ensure one accurate record with integrated space management and scheduling

o   Leverage as-built CAD floor plans

o   Workforce and operations share data with no duplicated efforts

This event is co-hosted by the Asset Leadership Network and Trimble.

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