Improving Port Outcomes

How AI and Digital Twins Governed by Asset Management Transform Industries

Thursday 17 August 2023 at 3pm Eastern

A Ports Industry web workshop will demonstrate how ANY industry can leverage asset management governance to manage transformative AI and Digital Twin technologies.

The ALN Ports Asset Leadership Board is facilitating a series of workshops culminating in a public demonstration on Thursday 17 August 2023 3 pm Eastern.

ALN Platinum Member ONUMA, Inc. and ALN Organizational Member Trent Port Services, will lead workshop participants in understanding how to use Asset Management Governance to guide the powerful combination of Artificial Intelligence and Digital Twins to demonstrate dramatic improvement to outcomes at private and government Ports.

Don’t be afraid of Artificial Intelligence – harness its powerful capabilities.

ALN Organizational Members can participate in the workshops. Contact ALN Executive Director Mike Bordenaro at for membership information.